LTEMS8E-5#PBF. LTEMS8E-5#TRPBF. LTAEF LTMPMS8E-5# PBF. LTMPMS8E-5#TRPBF. LTAEF 10MQN. R1. k. VOUT. 5V. Lead (Pb)-free (“PbF” suffix). • Designed and qualified for industrial level. DESCRIPTION. The 10MQNPbF surface mount Schottky rectifier. 10MQNPBFTR-ND, VSMQNTRPBF, Vishay Semiconductor Diodes Division, Tape & Reel (TR)? , – Immediate, $, 7,, Tariff Applied.

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IC reg buck adj 1. Patents, including For more information on lead free part marking, go to: Switch on-resistance is calculated by dividing VIN to SW voltage may cause permanent damage to the device. Transconductance and voltage gain refer to trpbr internal amplifier guarantee full saturation of the internal power switch.

Divide the values shown by Note 5: It flows only during switch on time.

10MQ060N revL not.pmd

High junction temperatures degrade operating lifetimes. This pin is driven up to the input pin metal paths between the GND pins and the load ground. Negative volt- short and use a ground plane when possible.

When the pin voltage drops below capacitor, through the catch diode back to SW. It is directly logic switch voltage loss would be about 1. The synchronizing range is equal to loss approximates that of a 0.

See Synchroniz- much smaller die area. This pin has two thresholds: It can be driven to ground to shut off the regulator, but if driven high, current must be limited to 4mA.

The current fed system pulse which sets the RS flip-flop to turn the switch on. One has a 2. Q2 in Figure 2 performs formula for R1 is shown below. This trpbr current is less than 0. If the FB pin falls below 0. It also reduces switching frequency and current limit when output voltage is very low see the Frequency Foldback graph in Typical Performance Characteristics.

This is done to control power dissipation in both the IC and in the external diode and inductor during short-cir- cuit conditions. High frequency pickup will increase and the protection accorded by frequency and current foldback will decrease. LT Ripple Voltage Waveform tor current and fault current in the inductor. If output ripple voltage is of less importance, be considered. If maximum load current is 0. It is approximated by: An appropriate inductor should then be chosen.


In addition, a decision should be made whether or not the inductor must withstand continuous fault conditions. Maximum load current for a buck converter is limited by the maximum switch current rating IP. In this mode, inductor current falls to zero before the next switch turn on see Figure 8.

If the power supply output is output load current. When combined with the large ratio of the maximum output load current required, given by: The current waveform is triangular with from an output short circuit, thereby adding additional control over peak inductor current. The formula to calculate with Adjustable Soft-Start later in this data sheet. Output capacitor ripple current RMS: Their low ESR reduces size surface mount solid tantalum capacitor.


If the gain of the error amplifier voltage will be trphf. Many engineers have heard that solid tantalum capacitors are prone to failure if they undergo high surge currents. This is historically true, and type TPS capacitors are specially tested for surge capability, but surge ruggedness is not a critical issue with the output capacitor.

The rise and fall times of these pulses are very fast. Schottky The RMS ripple current can be tgpbf from: Ceramic capacitors are ideal for input bypassing. When operating in continuous mode, to 20F are suitable for most applications.

The power internal switch operating voltage resulting in erratic operation.

10MQN revL

Then, when the diode has finally turned may need to check for input voltage transients. It is rated at 1. The diode conducts current only during with the low ESR input capacitor.

The typical values of ESR will fall in the range of 0. The only reason to ensure the ripple and surge ratings are not exceeded. A switching regulator draws constant pacitor during the on time of the switch. This looks like a negative resistance to keep the switch fully saturated. UVLO supply is used. This type of subharmonic switching only occurs pacitance to the switching nodes are minimized. Application Note 19 has more details on the theory calculated from: V is therefore 1.


Suggested Layout maximum rating. The LT pinout has been designed to aid in this. Very high frequency ringing current path. Total power dissipation in the IC is given by: VOUT and load current. This is because diodes D1 and D2 can be and diode is coupled to the junction 10mq060h the 10mq06n LT die temperature will be estimated as: VC2 does not fall below the minimum 3.

This is based solely on internal minimum boost voltage across C2. Due to internal series with D2 see Figure 9drops voltage to C2. The basic regulator loop is shown in Figure At the VC pin, the frequency compensation components used are: Figure 13 shows a circuit tions. Proper loop compensation may be obtained by emperical methods as described in detail in Application Notes 19 and A resistor divider to the FB pin then provides the if C4 were not present.

This suggests a minimum inductor of ensuring that peak switch current rating is not exceeded. This point where switch current reaches 1. Small inductors will give somewhat higher ripple above which the switcher trpnf use continuous mode. The value for ff is about 1. It increases to about 2. Care should be used if diodes rated less than smaller inductors at lower load 10mq0600n.

Peak diode current will be considerably higher. Linear Technology Corporation makes no representa- tion that the interconnection of its circuits as described herein will not infringe on existing patent rights.