The Fourth Way is the most comprehensive statement thus far published of the ideas taught by the late P.D. Ouspensky. Consisting of verbatim records of his. The term ‘Fourth Way’ is a term Ouspensky adopted from George Gurdjieff. But although the name ‘Fourth Way’ appears for the first time in the twentieth century, . The Fourth Way is a way – a path. As such, it can only be understood by traversing it. The ‘system’ as presented by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, is a twentieth .

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But to know that little, one must know a great deal. But he goes to the lengths to say that if we have positive emotions one minute and negative emotions another minute it is not self-remembering, because we’re contradicting ourselves.

Even though Ouspensky consistently says that the system is practical and not theoretical, there is really nothing that actually tells you how to self-remember or become conscious, so your guess is as good as mine how to actually practice this.

I This book took me six months to crawl through and though painful at times was worth the effort. It will become more evident as he progresses along the path.

Ouspensky on the Fourth Way

Man had to observe the other cosmoses only in relation to himself, and by the same token, he could safely reject any studies that bore no impact on self-knowledge. The call to self-knowledge is ancient. Later, Gurdjieff relaxed this rule, accepting students who subsequently published accounts of their experiences in the Gurdjieff work. The goal of religion or spirituality was, in fact, to produce a well-balanced, responsive and sane human being capable of dealing with all eventualities that life may present.


The system defined the psychology of man to great detail. Gurdjieff classified plants as having one center, animals two and humans three.

One of the hardest but most rewarding,mind food I have had the honor to read. He doesn’t explain why we lack consciousness and why we don’t self-remember. Ouspensky repeatedly stressed the difficulties and challenges of awakening.

Parallel to the downward movement of universal growth — of the endless physical expansion of the universe — there exists an upwards movement towards consciousness, for which a minority of conscious individuals is indispensable.

There is debate regarding the ability to use Gurdjieff’s ideas through groups.

This book is a guide for me right now, I am taking my time with it. Gurdjieff’s teachings, which Gurdjieff presented in the form of raw materials, Ouspensky’s specific task having been to put th The Fourth Way is the most comprehensive 4rh thus far published of the ideas taught by the late P. Yet, for one traversing the Fourth Way, it is crucial to gradually become familiar with the greater tradition of which he is part — of connecting with something bigger and higher than himself.

Fourth Way – Wikipedia

Because it’s not easy to bear a whole part of your consciousness, we basically avoid to bear it. Automatic thinking serves a purpose.

I am aware of myself, my surroundings and can remember it. Where schools of yogis, monks or fakirs exist, they are barely distinguishable oispensky religious schools. Gurdjieff’s teachings, which Gurdjieff presented in the form of raw materials, Ouspensky’s specific task having been to put them together as a systematic whole.


When you examine Ouspensky’s other ideas, they just come accross as completely ridiculous. This is very practical teaching, there’s no faith, believes, hope, prayer, imaginative lights or thoughts in it. Modern psychology errs towards the other extreme, by ouspensiy in the functions of man while disregarding his resemblance to the cosmoses around him.

The Fourth Way by P.D. Ouspensky

Ouspensky noted how point distinguished the system from all other psychological endeavors. It is making people work toward something that isn’t even a sure thing. Again, it is him acting like an authority who has special knowledge. The vagueness of his terminology not only becomes oyspensky problem for practice, but also for validity.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I don’t think one can review this book. Oct 23, Steve rated it it was amazing. Gurdjieff Prepared under the general supervision of Sophia Ouspensky.

Dec 06, Erica rated it did not like it Recommends it for: And you will read the book by its words without knowing the knowledge what to expect. This article about a self-help book is a stub.