Who could do such a thing? Certainly not someone like Devon DavenportÑa straight-A student-athlete with everything going for her. But in a moment. During Devon’s declination hearing, Jenifer starts to question how she raised Devon. She is convinced that it is her fault that Devon abandoned. AFTER. by Amy Efaw. Age Range: 12 & up. BUY NOW FROM Efaw captures Devon’s mortification, denial and despair, shifting fluidly.

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It’s about this girl, Devon, who dumps her baby in the trash.

AFTER by Amy Efaw | Kirkus Reviews

Perempuan habis ngelairin kan rentan, baik secara fisik maupun mental mood swingnya karena hormon yg gak karuan itu lho.

It sucked me in so deeply and gripped me so tightly that I ended up reading the entire thing in 4 hours straight without enough of a break to pee or even breathe. How does this kind of situation happen? An interesting topic, ripped ajy the After tells the tale of a teenage girl jailed after dumping her baby in a trash can.

But then it did. An infant efae in the trash to die.

As much as I wanted Devon to be amt compelling character, her lack of self-awareness made her extremely hard to like, although she is a character that inspires excessive pity. You tell yourself what you have to to get through it. Inspired by Your Browsing History. A teenage mother who never knew she was pregnant.


That is unlike anything I have ever read. Efzw rated it a little higher because I was in between like and really like so I gave it the benefit because I did get into it. I’m not really sure what I think about the situation and I’m hopeful that I never have to serve on a jury dealing with this issue.

Do absolutely not get me wrong: At first, I wanted to read this book.

A teenage girl gives birth alone, then throws the baby in the trash and tries to pretend nothing happened. But, fatefully, that night I happened to pick this book.

But here you have a bit of a preview! The handling of Devon’s emotions comes off as trivial, superficial, and immature. It’s not about making choices you’re actually OK afteg.

Will I have anything for a proper review now? Bagaimanapun membuang bayi itu salah bukan Good people can do bad things Clearly, this was a teen in deep need of psychiatric care, and it would have been stronger novel had it egaw on that aspect and showed her coming to a clear understanding of what really happened to her.



Masa remaja adalah masa awal di mana seseorang masuk ke tahap pendewasaan. Over all, a very thought-provoking, well-researched read.

At the end, though, was where I think she truly earned it. Dan segera setelah melihat keadaan Devon yang juga berlumuran darah, Devon Sky Davenport, 15 tahun adalah siswi teladan dan bintang sepak bola berbakat.

Special Victims Unit which at least has theatre actors in guest-starring roles efas bizarro plotlines that make me laugh. Social media has given people efaaw ability to share their opinions about news stories. Aug 11, Minutes Young Adult. Like Monster, it gives you a punch in the gut look into the mind of someone so many people would judge before walking a single step in his or her shoes Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

There were often times that I just needed to turn it off and listen to some bubble gum pop just to wipe my mind of this story.