On Fridays at the Buddha Center in Second Life the sangha has been learning about and discussing aspects of the Angulimala Sutta. This talk arose from the. ANGULIMALA SUTTA. uyyojanna. parittam yam bhanantassa,. nisinnatthanadhovanam;. udakampi vinaseti,. sabbameva parissayam. At that time in King Pasenadi’s kingdom of Kosala there was a robber named Angulimala. He was fierce, with bloody hands, engaged in killing living beings.

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The Blessed One seeing venerable Angulimala approaching in the distance would say: Let us recite this discourse of protection. The Buddha made the choice, interdependent on his own dispositions, needs and culture to ordain Angulimala. Then the robber Angulimala took out his sword and armor and fixed his bow and arrow and followed close behind Blessed One. This is the moral foundation that arises from the Three Pure Precepts, the intent to act with loving-kindness no matter the circumstances.

Then venerable Angulimala agreed went to Savatthi approached that woman and told her. My enemies, listen to the Teaching, be yoked to the Dispensation angupimala the Blessed One. This page at Nibbana.

Buddhist Sutra – Angulimala Sutta

It is indeed wonderful, earlier, I could overtake a running elephant, a running horse, a moving chariot, here running with all my strength, I cannot reach up to this recluse. How you tame those that could not be tamed with stick or weapon, without stick or weapon. Lord he should be punished. He was educated at angulikala Taxila university and the Rector asked him to collect one thousand fingers as a gratifying test.

Venerable Angulimala would come to the Blessed One with a split head and blood dripping, with the bowl broken and with robes torn. Then it occurred to the robber Angulimala: So, Angulimala, murderer and terrorist undergoes a miraculous change to a harmless bhikkhu. In the next section of verses the Buddha makes questionable choices.


Went as far as could be reached in that conveyance and approached the Blessed One, on foot. Quite the show of compassion from the Buddha. The teacher tells him that only by doing so will Ahimsaka benefit from all the hard work and angullmala he has done.

Ethically, as Buddhists, we must strive for an Appropriate View of each situation, while holding to our Appropriate Intent. He killed humans to wear a garland suttta fingers. Thus he became a disciple by the name of Venerable Angulimala who worked intensively and soon be came an Arahanta Saint. So the lad killed many men to cut the fingers which he made a garland hanging around his neck.

My enemies, with patience and aversion dispelled, listen to the Teaching and live according to the Teaching. For the second time they said it and the Blessed One went on, silently and for the third time they said it and the Blessed One went on, silently.

What about compassion for King Pasenadi whose people expected Angulimala to be brought to justice?

The Angulimala Sutta » The Buddha Center

Do not hurt me or anybody else for any reason, attain to the dutta appeasement and protect the firm and the infirm. When his merit covers up the demerit, he illuminates the world like the moon freed from clouds. He is fierce, with bloody hands, has no compassion for living things, destroys, hamlets, villages and states.

He kills humans to wear a garland of fingers. Great king, do not fear, there is nothing to fear now. When the robber saw the Buddha, he changed his mind from chasing his own mother and attempted to seize the Buddha. This is how we learn to pose questions about our own choices, and to build the positive character and wisdom to make choices that bring about positive causal consequences.


Some are tamed with a stick, or hook or whip, I was tamed without a stick or weapon, by a such like one.

The Angulimala Sutta

Eventually the robber had collected the required fingers except the last one. At that time venerable Angulimala was seated close to the Blessed One, and the Blessed One stretched his right and said, to king Pasenadi of Kosala: Ahimsaka kumara was born in the family of Brahmin,—the chaplain of King Kosala and was known in his young age as the Son of Mantani.

But the Buddha performed a miracle so that the chasing robber could not catch up with the slowly walking Buddha. Then king Pasenadi of Kosala was shivering with fear and his hairs stood on end. Intro Movie Buddha Center. He killing humans collects fingers to wear as a garland round his neck. So the Buddha advised him to perform an oath of truth by declaring that he had not intentionally killed any life from the time he had become an Ariyan monk, This is a magical means for saving both lives of the mother and the new child.

By this truth may there be well-being for you, and well-being for the conceived foetus”. Some will be easy to make, others will be complicated taking much thought and debate. What would you do to him?

What if I ask about it from the recluse? At the time he leaves for the angjlimala at Taxila he is that laudable person. He no longer suffers under the dispositions of anger, hatred, violence and fear; and so, is not a danger to the community at large.