Information about Arrakis ARC8 Mixing Console. Radio Studio Equipment is our specialty at Progressive Concepts. We carry a variety of radio studio equipment. The Arrakis ARC-8 series of radio consoles With a single stereo mixing bus, the Arrakis ARC 8 is ideal for fast paced live on air, production, and remote. Easy to change to US or other standards. Arrakis ARC-8 Features • PC USB output of the Program bus for recording in digital direct to your PC. • 10 total source.

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With a single stereo mixing bus, the ARC-8 broadcast radio console is ideal for agc-8 paced live on air, production, Internet streaming, and remote applications. Two mics supports a host and guest talk format. The mix minus bus for an external hybrid supports Telephone talk formats or call ins. The ARC-8 radio console is compact and durable for professional Radio applications.

The front panel graphics are on the reverse side of a beautiful polycarbonate overlay for scratch ar-8 and long life. The switches have LED lighted indicators to clearly display switch status.

It is arrakks for so many different applications, it would be foolish not to have one. The ARC-8 board has an amazing price, but what is even more amazing is the features that come standard. It has 10 inputs, with 8 channels. Channel 7 connects to a phone hybrid. This is ideal for Internet radio, broadcast radio, remote applications, production, station backup; it does it all.

Both balanced and unbalanced outputs.

Including a mono mixdown. All Stereo inputs are world standard balanced RJ45 connectors. Cabling is included, no charge. Unbalanced RCA inputs are also included.


Conductive plastic faders for highest possible resolution and life. Dust covers designed to protect and prolong the life of the fader. The power supply is auto-sensing VAC. Perfect for use anywhere in the world. Headphone system with stereo amp for 8ohm or Hi-Z headphones. Plus Monitor and Cue systems. Mic Channels – 2 mic channels with optional 48V phantom power.

Built Tough – professional throughout. Program with mono mixdown. More options, more power. The channel Two mic can also be remoted to a separate announce booth if desired. Stereo Line level Channel – Channels are stereo, line level input channels appropriate for source devices like CD players, MP3 players, network feeds, etc. A source can be connected to either set of input connectors not both. The unbalanced inputs are ideal for studios where the sources are located locally in the studio itself.

Most Windows compatible audio software can play and record from the console. A source can be connected to either set of input connectors. Any type of analog source can be used, but if a telephone hybrid is connected as the source to channel 7, then a special mix-minus bus output is provided to feed the external telephone hybrid.

The mix-minus bus output to the hybid includes every channel on the Program bus EXCEPT for channel 7 so that there is no feedback to the caller. For off-line not on air communication with the caller, a ‘Talk’ button on channel one is provided.

Push the ‘Talk’ button and the channel one mic will be fed to the caller and the callers audio will be fed to the Cue system. Arrrakis place the caller on air, just push the red channel on button at the bottom of channel 7. The telephone system in the ARC-8 does not include hybrid control areakis so the telephone system is controlled from the front panel of the hybrid. Connect your phone hybrid for a powerful phone system. Phone Channel – channel 7 is a dedicated telephone channel that easily connects to an external telephone hybrid.


Talkback Cue System – the caller can talk arrc-8 you through the Cue system while a Talkback button enables the Control Room mic to talk off-line to the caller.

Arrakis ARC-8 USB Broadcast Mixer | eBay

Use any software – Use any automation or production software to either play or record. Playback – play any audio from your PC onto the board and then over the air. Check the accessories section for more information. Defining what attractive is. Autosensing international power supply.

Need audio over IP? Simple-IP is the solution.

Arrakis ARC-8 Bluetooth

This agc-8 and reliable solution will save you time and money. It is flexible, with customizable user interfaces; and powerful with numerous features. Use it in tandem with APEX, or as a stand alone software.

And is FREE with our broadcast consoles. Need cables, additional power supplies, phantom power supply, or other gear to help you get started? Compact, and packs a punch.

The only thing it doesn’t do is make you coffee in the morning. Linear Faders Conductive plastic faders for highest possible resolution and life. Headphone Headphone system with stereo amp for 8ohm or Hi-Z headphones.

Arrakos Setup – connect with a simple USB cable.

Quick Setup – as simple as plug and play.