Vanguard Cruciate Retaining (CR) Knee Design Features. Introduction. .. Ascent™ Total Knee Systems1–3 and combined state- of-the-art design features . Learn more about the Vanguard Complete Knee System from Zimmer Biomet. Zimmer Biomet’s Vanguard® Revision Knee System delivers customizable implant combinations to offer a personalized patient approach to revision knee.

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Surgical technique, including tibial surface preparation as well as cement pressurization or penetration into the cut surface, is likely also important.

The Journal of Arthroplasty. The benefits of the Vanguard Revision Knee System include: De Corte, and J. Which type of artificial joint do patients forget? Surgery was either performed under general or spinal anesthetic with a femoral nerve block after This same study demonstrated a stronger but not significant difference in the bond between titanium and cobalt-chromium alloys. This maxxim is intended for health care professionals.

It is possible that a similar technique with other implant designs nonmodular, smooth, cobalt-chrome or all polyethylene tibias, etc. Features of the Vanguard Revision Knee System include: Two tibial components were revised for aseptic loosening 0. The mobile bearing systems feature advanced stability and wear characteristics, and our posterior stabilized systems are designed to accommodate the restoration of high-flexion daily activities. Dela Rosa, and T. Finally, our conclusions must be limited to similar technique and implants.

Zimmer Biomet offers a wide variety of solutions mazim address fixation, constraint, soft tissue and boney defect management challenges that are often encountered during revision knee arthroplasty. The same films were taken at each followup without the long-standing view. Continued use of a ZimmerBiomet website will be considered by us to be an expression of your consent to allow us to set one or more cookies on your computer.


An additional important factor regarding tibial component mzxim and technique is the response of host bone to the implant. Proximally flared patellar track accommodates varying Q-angles Extended trochlear groove maintains patella contact in flexion Rounded sagittal profile reduces soft tissue forces mid-flexion 10 proportional femoral sizes 1: Additionally, Arora and Ogden [ 29 ] felt that the surface cementing technique may have been a contributor, along with polyethylene wear and a rotationally loose patella, to the high rate of osteolysis seen in their study.

The conflicting surgical results reported with surface cementation in the literature suggest that several variables including implant design, surgical technique, and tibial bone remodeling or response may play a role in determining implant survival.

Sixty patients 65 knees died prior to a five-year followup and had not undergone revision TKA at the last followup; these patients were removed from the analysis. Prior biomechanical studies have supported that the surface cement technique affords similar baseplate fixation as compared to the mazim cemented technique, including eccentric loading as may be seen in varus and valgus alignment [ 1524253234 ].

Pressurization of cement with nozzle into cut tibial surface. Unicondylar knee arthroplasty versus total knee arthroplasty: Histogram demonstrating the preoperative versus last followup scores for the Knee Society score. X Patients and Caregivers Medical Professionals. bilmet

Vanguard® Knee System | Total Knee Arthroplasty | Zimmer Biomet

We included all known failures that occurred in less than 5 years, but patients otherwise ,nee prior to completion of five-year followup were excluded, which would likely account for a greater proportion of failures in our cohort, given that the majority of revisions return to our center.


The clinical scores and implant records were obtained from the database. Jones, GG, et al. At Zimmer Biomet, we pursue exceptional outcomes.

BioMed Research International

For product information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse effects and patient counseling information, see the package insert and information on this website. Please select a location and click search to find an associate near you.

Although support for the maxkm of surface cementation with press-fit designs of the tibial component exists in the literature, [ 2428 ] other studies have demonstrated higher failure rates with this technique [ 2029 ].

For printed information on joint replacement, call Subscribe biojet Table of Contents Alerts. X Patients and Caregivers Medical Professionals. The femoral preparation utilized intramedullary referencing with a goal of four to five degrees of valgus relative to the anatomic axis of the femur for the distal cut. Two femoral stabilization options: The location and number of radiolucencies visualized maxin the tibial component using the Knee Society Total Knee Arthroplasty Roentgenographic Evaluation and Scoring System.

To obtain a copy of the current Instructions for Use IFU for full prescribing and risk information, please callpress 4 for Technical Support.