Billy Corgan Featured Poet: Four poems online by Billy Corgan from Blinking With Fists, Around the Maypole, The River Runs Foul, Blinking With Fists (and other. As lyric poems, however, without the support of a band, it’s just totally high school , totally amateur, totally naive, and not in the good way. Blinking with Fists. dum dum dum mmmbbbbbbbbbb!!! hello friends, neighbors, lovers, poets to be, cloaked agents of nothing, and sinners all, .

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I really do feel bad about saying this, but I am not going to flatter or sugar coat because he is Billy Corgan.

Blinking with Fists. – Billy Blog

From myths to lost loves to American cities, the wifh flow as wide as thoughts in a brainstorming exercise. I feel sad for billy, there is so many people who are out to put him down and slander his name. Today I found out this livejournal site More widely known as the singer from The Smashing Dith, Billy Corgan’s Blinking with Fists proves that his talent is not restricted to performance in vocals. The 60 Best Songs of playlist Mixed Blinoing. The 60 Best Songs of I found this at Value Village and was unaware that Billy Corgan wrote poetry.

Everyone has a good side and an evil side. But what the hell was up with this book? He’ll use poetic words like “vainglorious,” “supine,” and “bespeak”. I’m slightly biased, in that I love the smashing pumpkins. In the end, despite a few attractive lines and verses, this is not cofgan enjoyable book of poetry to read.

I borrowed this back from a friend I gave it to as a gift, and am happy she never read it. That album was an enjoyable but odd departure from the normally appealingly bleak Pumpkins fare. Not to the slightest.


Nov 06, Stephen rated it it was ok Shelves: Paperback96 pages. I wish people would just shut up and give him the credit he deserves. The 20 Best Folk Albums of After that there was the big silence We were unable to find bily edition in any bookshop we are able to search. It turns out that this shiny side of Corgan wormed its way into his non-music poetry too.

Blinking with Fists: Poems

No, if you read an earlier post on his site, he mentions that Jimmy is not blnking in his criticisms of the Zwan members. Somewhere past the scars and empty cars and endless bars filled with reminders – “The Poetry of My Heart” I see myself in you and that is a dangerous thing – “Siam Mais” The call of the wild is the rain on my face 20 bucks in my pocket says I can make it to Alaska – “Bedroom Jungle”.

I see that ex-zwan people are running their mouths again Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Your ancestors, when hollowed out by hungers Climbed over oceans to get here They figured you might need to know someday That nothing changes but the rules of man against God.

Public Private login e. Skip to content Skip to search. Thanks for making such beautiful music. But there just fsts enough here to merit serious reading. Iblly to Read saving…. Jan 05, Lisa Ziccardi rated it it was ok.

Blinking with Fists – Wikipedia

Will there be a n European tour after finishing your record. I am there man. Dec 20, Albi rated it really liked it Shelves: To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. I think the man is brilliant as a lyricist.


P Okay, SO here is one little rant of mine. Be the first to add this to a list.

As lyric poems, however, without the support of a band, it’s just totally high school, totally amateur, totally naive, and not in the good way. What does that mean? I would hope Zwan wouldn’t be the ones to kill their relationship. He has an online journal that is blogged. Outside of about two pieces, Corgan seems So, let me start by saying that I am a huge Smashing Pumpkins nerd.

After a short time I read through his online journaling and recognized that same undeveloped voice I had rummaged through in his book.

I’m not sure how much input Billy got from an editor or other poets before submitting these poems for publication, but they strike me as rather early drafts of what could’ve been great poems. This single location in Victoria: This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat I read this collection without looking at any reviews and once finished was unsurprised to see that most other readers were just as unimpressed.

Blinking with Fists

I bet he knows it, too, which would explain why he’s such a douchecanoe. It lacked a coherent theme, I struggled to figure out what any of the poems were actually about, and the majority read as a string of random words that lacked any kind of flow.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the major attractions I have to that band is the lyrics and Billy’s songwriting.