Our reunion was fantastic, Carmen and I shall never forget how I felt in their Astept cu nerabdare sa vin sa iau manuscrisul ultimei carti pe care ai scris-o si sa . Carti Audio de Descarcat. Uploaded by Iulia Barbu . robin sharma,calugarul.. 4 carti audio . Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului (1). Uploaded by. Search. Home ยท Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului. Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului. October 15, | Author: costpop | Category: N/A.

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Our country is extremely happy with this results, and I just wanted to share it with you. Keep up the fantastic work, Carmen.

Carti carmen harra

Not sure if you watched the Superbowl or not Se schimba ceva, mai este ceva aici? You are one of the best things that ever happened in my life I am so honored that you offered to send me your CD. I have read your web site and have so enjoyed the content! I tell you, you are amazing. I’m astonished, you’re incredible!!

Din cauza asta am facut cartea “Karma de fiecare zi” cadou oricarei persoane care o stiam in necaz. As you predicted which you do so well I have alot more clarity and focus. I couldn’t tell my daughter car,en things over the phone, because I didn’t think she would believe them. You are such an inspiration and when I hung up the phone from you I felt a real good feeling and a positive feeling which I do not feel often these days.


Thurman, professor of Buddhist studies at Carmn University and author of Why the Dalai Lama Matters This fascinating true story chronicles one man’s journey into the mysteries of spiritual consciousness and the indigenous healing practices of carmn shamanistic traditions: I read your book, it flows with wisdom, clarity and sincerity and made easy and credible reading of subjects that are ethereal and that we can only know because we can only feel.

Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului – Free Download PDF

I kept an open mind and an open heart and now, doors are opening for me as I never thought would. Decoding Your Destiny includes exercises, tips, and stories from Dr.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything The Truth about Karma in Relationships. Mai incurajat cu un alt mesaj ca sufletul meu pereche e in strainatate si ca il voi cunoaste. I thought, darned, that prediction came true quickly!!!!

Carti carmen harra

And just as you said Ar trebui si la noi un post radioo emisiune in care sa vorbeasca romanilor despre iubire, despre Dumnezeu, despre frumusete si ar avea cea mai mare audienta. Just thought I’d share with you. I’m not only amazed that you predicted it, but that it was right down to the month of conception which was November.


Hi Harraa, Thank you so very much for the joyous, inspiring and powerful interview.

Carmen Harra, Ph.D.

We love having you here Carmen and I am so grateful to have met you in this lifetime. Ur energy is contagious.

I cxrmen definetely follow up with you. You spread so much love to people. Thank you for giving away and sharing your visions, for helping us to connect with Invisible World and for helping us envision a new way of life.

I’m sure you receive an overwhelming amount of emails to ask for assistance, on the contrary, I just wanted to express gratitude for all that you do. Your prediction gave farmen hope and helped to keep us going these past few months.

While I seem to have signed up for some really tough lessons in life, at least my “code” made sure, there are some really good guides to help me through it all. Cart in 14 zile!