Contagious is a science fiction thriller novel by Scott Sigler. It is the sequel to Sigler’s Infected, and like its predecessor was released in both podcast and print . Read by Scott Sigler. ( stars; reviews). From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic and exhilarating story of humanity’s secret battle against a. From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic and exhilarating story of humanity’s secret battle against a horrific enemy. Across America.

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Novels by Scott Sigler.

Scott Sigler is CONTAGIOUS – Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

S but time is running out. Suffice it to say, I would recommend both books but the first is the best. Hell, the aliens and their main host are the most developed and interesting characters in the novel!

More supporting characters appear, including a newly-inaugurated president and his Chief of Staff, the idealistic Vanessa Colbourn.

Yes, it was very exciting, a race against the clock kind of thing to save humanity, literally, from aliens. They have now recruited Perry Dawsey because he can “hear” the communication between the hatchlings and something else to figure out where more of these gates are being built by these hatchlings. Perry tries to explain how the voices have changed. Other than this one issue, it’s a great story.

His brilliant writing comes to life with his ingenious style of performing. It is six weeks later and the team finds itself in the unenviable position of having to stop an even more virulent strain of the virus—a virus that is correcting the mistakes made during the first invasion of earth.

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Bad Astronomy

Dew exercises questionable judgement when he teaches Perry how to shoot. Most of the characters continue to function as straw men than people.

Fortunately, Contagious does not suffer the effects of “middle book syndrome.

I never realize how much of book I read until it ended. Refresh and try again. That’s not to say it’s perfect. I opened it up and never looked back.

I hear that a character from Sigler’s Ancestor joins in the fun which I’m looking forward to.

I saw the author, Scott Sigler, also did the narration. The invasion of Gaylord begins!

You must have taken those classes that you are always advertising. The main antagonist is amazing and how the story evolves keeps you guessing.


Perry Dawsey and Dew Phillips are working in the field, but not necessarily together Characters and concepts from those two books also show up here, giving the two series some continuity between them. Overall, Contagious feels to me like a writer who’s growing more comfortable in his own style.

Standing against this unimaginable threat is conttagious small group, assembled under the strictest secrecy. Mark all un- played. Return to Book Page.

Final Thougts – Sigler’s work is often called ‘hard science horror’, because of the well researched facts combined with the sci-fi bend, mixed in with some truly horrific elements. Contagious starts off right about where Infected left off. It also smells like old videotapes here. The woman who says no sir, never ever decides it’s actually a yes on the next page December 16, at 2: It is the second book in the Infected Trilogy.


Really enjoyed this book. Want to Read saving…. Sigler is a master at breathing life into his characters, and the “bad guy” here is one of the creepiest, most well-designed, that you’ll ever meet on the page or screen.

The new twist introduced in the second book is that certain humans who’ve been infected w Contagious picks up right where Infected left off, featuring most of the same characters and dealing with much the same basic issue: Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI.

The crawlers begin their alteration of the Jewels.

Contagious by Scott Sigler | : Books

The other reasons I did not enjoy the novel quite as much have to do with the ending and I won’t state them here. But because the characters are cartoonish and the terrible decisions are so obviously planned to happen, it is all very blunt.

New features frequently added. I dunno, perhaps it was done intentionally, but on the current calendar Conragious only has 30 days… read the online version and loved it, btw.