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Orestes asks Isifile to return and feed her hungry twins.

Returning to Egeo and Medea in the sea, she refers to him as “my life” and mends the wounds between the two. Giasone believes Besso means Isifile.

She has been looking in vain for Giasone and has come to the glade to rest, but then she finds the two lovers sleeping. Giasone is concerned that Medea will awaken and find him with Isifile.

Right after, Alinda, Orestes, Delfa, and Demo providing their brief commentary on the joyful scene, followed by a brief duet Medea and Isifile and quartet Isifile, Giasone, Medea and Egeo. By the time the scene is over, Isifile does indeed become angry at Giasone and Medea.

Set in a flowery glade, Besso and Delfa discuss Giasone’s conflicting marriages to Medea and Isifile. Here the gods Jove i. Orestes arrives and Isifile scorns him for having been absent and tempts him to kiss her, then falls asleep.

Delizie Contente che L’alme Beate: for Wind Quintet and Electronic Tape | Capital Music Gear

Such scenes use a special kind of poetic meter called sdrucciolo, which places an accent on the antepenultimate syllable. The scene changes to the Cavern of Aeolus. Isifile, alone in a moonlit night, is joyful because she believes Giasone has returned to her and she sings the strophic aria “Gioite, gioite.

Orestes meets the comic character Demo, who introduces himself to Orestes as a brave and handsome hunchback in the aria “Son gobbo, son Demo”. Demo arrives to observe and notes that Giasone is returning to the ships. Delfa Medea’s nurse sings the aria “Voli il tempo” about how she has renounced love in her old age. Medea confirms that Besso had arrested her and thrown her into the sea; and Isifile confirms that deluzie told her that he “only kills one queen per day.


He deoizie the strophic aria “Non e pui bel piacer. Trumpet music and stile concitato gestures suggest the martial atmosphere. She is in such grief that she lays down to rest. On an uninhabited place with ruins, Giasone speaks of his regret and grief because he believes he has killed Isifile at the request of the jealous Medea.

It is night in the countryside, and Egeo dressed as a sailor is with Demo dressed as a peasant with a lantern. The character Giasone was originally cast for a castrato. Orestes will inform Isifile. Isifile arrives and wakes Giasone and begin a conversation. Sole the sun, i. In addition to Isifile’s laments, Egeo also laments that Medea has left him in I.

Giasone then instructs Isifile to go in secret to meet Besso in the Valley of the Orseno and ask him if he has carried out his orders. The strings make drum-like martial gestures in an instrumental sinfonia that accompanies the action. After a lengthy conversation, Demo agrees to meet with Orestes and give him information about Giasone a later time.

Jacob Druckman – Delizie contente che l’Alme Beate after Francesco Cavalli

She wants to know who Isifile is. He is perturbed because Giasone has grown soft as a result of enjoying the pleasures of love with Queen Medea and as a result he has been neglecting his duties.

Jason and the Argonauts. They sing a duet “Sai, ch’io t’amo” and confirm their love for each other. Deliziw approaches Giasone, but he reassures Medea that he is not interested in her. He reports while Egeo was pursuing Giasone in his tiny skiff he fell into the water and drowned.

Delizie contente che l’Alme Beate after Francesco Cavalli

Ercole admonishes him for neglecting to prepare for battle and the two discuss duty versus the pleasures of love. Alinda a Lady then sings a cheerful aria “Per provo so” on the subject of finding new love as a cure for pain.


He and Demo chase after them. When Besso’s soldiers arrive Giasone orders him to arrest Egeo. Two sleep scenes are also included. Ercole advises him to leave soon because the people are rising against him for taking the Golden Fleece. Moreover, a male character that laments has somehow been musically emasculated.

Isifile coontente him and they sing the love duet “Quanto son le mie gioie” to arrive at the standard Venetian happy ending. Towards the end, the lamenter typically curses the lover who has abandoned her or himonly to repent and beg forgiveness. She does so, but then hurries on to the Valley of Orseno.

Jupiter and Aeolus resolve to create a storm to shipwreck Giasone so that he will return to Isifile in Lemnos. This is the second time that Giasone has been scolded shirking responsibility!

Delizie Contente che L’alme Beate: for Wind Quintet and Electronic Tape

Contentee awakens Giasone and they argue. With this, Besso has the soldiers arrest her and throw her into the sea. Returning to earth to a demolished harbor and a storm at cntente, Orestes and Alinda discuss Isifile’s jealousy that has driven her to madness. When he sees Medea alive, Giasone again thinks Besso is a traitor, but he proves otherwise: Furthermore, he tells her that Giasone is planning to quest for the Golden Fleece and that his ship might have a chance to talk with him when his ship passes by.

Ellen Rosand remarks that by the mid-seventeenth-century Venetian public opera had developed a number of musical and dramatic conventions, several of which Giasone exhibits.