I have a dunco 66 II c enlarger but has the color head and I would like to ask what modification could be done if possible to use the enlarger. At we have a wide varierty of Lpl, Dunco and much more. An enlarger is a specialized transparency projector used to produce photographic prints from . Agfa · Beseler · Bogen · De Vere · Durst · Dunco · Fuji · Gnome Photographic Products · Kaiser Fototechnik · Kienzle Phototechnik · Kindermann.

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Find More Posts by Ronald M. As the image size is changed it is also necessary to change the focus of the lens. Its not the worst idea to own 2 enlargers and easels to get a bit more printed during the same time spent in the darkroom.

Page 1 of 2. Sad destiny for the IFF enlarger owners and very bad commercial policy. Whatever you buy, make sure you can get the parts you might need easily. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tu is offline Join Date: With the filter module disconnected, the controller serves as a black and white analyzer and meter.

Should you have an occasional need to make larger prints, tilting the enlarger head 90 for wall projection will get you an image as large as you’re likely to want to attempt to process. Dec 1, This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Thanks in advance for any insights. A horizontal enlarger structure is used when high quality, large format enlargements are required such as when photographs are taken from aircraft for mapping and taxation purposes. The Dunco Vario Split enlarger, shown with power supply, baseboard control unit, probe, and foor switch.


Lpl, Dunco | S/H Enlargers | |

You want one that hold negs flat, preferably from top only. The condenser-diffusion eblarger concentrates the diffused light and is the ideal optical system for an exceptionally high light output and sharp looking pictures without any blur.

Find More Posts by StefanJozef. So short, that I have put a ND filter on the mixing chamber. Dumco I were to buy another enlarger it would be the Beseler 4x The condenser’s increased contrast emphasises any negative defects, such as dirt and scratches, and image grain. Find More Posts by Fotohuis.

dunco 66 II C question on black and white enlarging

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Posts: This baseboard controller is the Vario Split’s electronic brain, and the facility that makes this enlarger appealing to high-tech buffs. Better to give it away than dumping it on the garbage tip, he told me. All content on this site is Copyright Protected and owned by its respective owner. A condenser enlarger consists of a light source, a condensing dunfoa holder for the negative and a projecting lens.

As the photographic market shifts away from film-based towards electronic imaging technology, many manufacturers no longer make enlargers for the professional photographer.

The welded steel top frame stays open for both hands-free paper loading, thanks to a piston arm. Construction is mostly die-cast aluminum and stamped steel.

Glassless carriers are available. I own an Omega B22 that I bought in the s. It seems that many enlargers get sold by heirs who didn’t know what pieces went together, and there’s some little thing missing, but with a Beseler or Omega, at least you can find that piece.

Oslo is a very nice city, i was there in You need a good tool to align it. I bought a little Durst on a whim and still haven’t been able to find the right lens board that I need for it.


Anyone who has to turn out a lot of prints in minimal time, possibly from the negatives of many different photographers, will save a lot of time and wasted materials with the Vario Split.

Yellow Springs, Ohio Posts: Find More Posts by Dunck.

Keep looking for one that’s not abused. Dec 14, Best feature of the Dunco is the very efficient light system, W halogen only but short printing times.

You compose the enlarger you require: DUNCO enlargers are compact, precision made and easy to assemble. I use mine with the long cm stand, a Dunco 90 easel superb, with gas pressurized locking, laser cut guides, angle adjustment etc. If I were shopping now, I sunco probably try to find a nice Omega D series. Besley 23c for me. A beauty, built like a rock. Dnco currently use a compact Omega C and a couple of real nice lenses.

It has both enlargsr and mulitigrade filters built in, a feature I’ve never seen before. The time now is If you have the room for it, I recommend a 4×5 enlarger. Split Grade needs also a bit more light and with this system it doesn’t matter when the times are short.

I recommend getting going with it as it is and figuring out what else you’d like to try. No, create an account now. It serves its purpose.