These SDH units connect end user equipment to the i Competitive Intelligence Marconi Partner Confidential – Not for external disclosure ECI. ECI Telecom receives $3 Million Optical Equipment Order from the Finnish Defense Forces; ECI supplies SDH and optical solutions to the FDF. This is a legal agreement between you, the end user, and ECI Telecom Ltd. (“ECI information in an environment with SDH equipment from different.

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Veraz Networks – soft-switch based toll-quality packet telephony solutions Veraz Networks is a leading global provider of soft-switch based, toll-quality packet telephony solutions for traditional and next generation communications networks. Nowadays so that to gain great success and prosperity within such a strong market competition telecom equipment manufacturer should have progressive advanced high-quality technical solutions to offer.

The SDH technology, combined with PDH multiplexer, is eeci well-proven solution for the manifold communication requirements of the transmission utilities.

Based on this easy network structure in combination with a powerful Network Management System NMS and intelligent network functions, daily network configuration tasks and other service work can be performed fast and straightforward.

Serving most of the major international service providers, our products offer integrated voice, data, fax and video capabilities through four major product groups: ECI’s revenues and net income rose in concert with its burgeoning product line and geographic reach in the early s. This means that MPLS systems offer the integration of voice, data and protection signals into one system.

Such company structure is intended to reaching of the maximum concentration on the production of the equipment as well as on corresponding to customers’ financial and technical needs. Turn off more accessible mode.

ECI Telecom

Like many of Israel’s leading high-tech firms, ECI evolved out of the country’s robust defense industry. The fiber optic cables expanded bandwidth by a ratio of ten-to-one over copper, and the ATM switches merged voice, data, and video transmissions. In order to follow the general trend of the telecom industry and the roadmaps of the network manufacturers, the existing traditional communication networks need to be migrated into highly available, packet-based hybrid systems with low latency.


By the end of the decade, ECI had captured over two-thirds of this market. These products generated the vast majority of ECI’s sales until the early s, when diversifications begun in the s started to constitute a significant proportion of the business.

In fact, ECI continued to introduce upgrades of this device through the mids, including the DTX, a model that increased circuit capacity tenfold. With a boost from its acquisition of America’s Telematics International Inc. Its equipment supports over 21 billion minutes of telephony traffic per month with outstanding quality and reliability.

Companies established in Manufacturing companies of Israel Telecommunications equipment vendors Telecommunications companies of Israel Companies based in Petah Tikva. Digital circuit multiplexing equipment DCME developed by ECI and others bundle these digitized signals for maximum efficiency during transmission, thereby allowing standard long-distance phone lines to carry more information than was originally intended.

Ethernet-over-SDH provides the capacity to transport packet-based traffic over the SDH backbone with high reliability and low latencies. Communication Build Services go. ECI cooperates with all largest international communication service carriers. A project manager is assigned immediately after a customer and ECI Telecom sign a contract for equipment supply.

STM-1, STM-4, STM, STM SDH Multiplexers | Valiant Communications

Distribution Communication Solutions go. ECI Telecom, Russia organizes training courses on different equipment types for own customers.

SDH multiplexers provides audio and video transmission. Project Management Department is responsible for timely equipment delivery to customers.

Smart Grid Software Solutions go. ECI’s ability and inclination to target research and development funds to this sector and its eagerness to embrace international industry standards gave it other competitive advantages over its king-sized rivals. In a final stage, Ethernet would be the single communication interface, which will be used in the backbone as well as in the access network.

NG SDH technology combines a number of benefits that makes it still well-suited to the needs of power utilities. The United Nations’ partition of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states and the declaration of an independent Israel in spawned two trends relevant to the creation and development of ECI.

ECI’s experience, leading technologies and orientation to customers’ needs represent an ideal combination which allows to develop and produce high-technology telecom equipment of different types for already tens of years. ECI Telecom’s Russia main objective is supplying customers with modern productive equipment and timely services. With the drastic growth of compound networks planning turns to be of vital necessity. Enables provisioning of wide-ranging services: The focus is on providing end-to-end solutions [ buzzword ] for multi-play services, business services, voice servicescellular backhaulutelco and network security.


Transmission Communication Solutions go. These included access network products, which boost the efficiency and effectiveness of local telephone lines to accommodate integrated services digital network ISDN while postponing expensive infrastructure upgrades. Products for Substation Automation go. Marketing and advertising department constantly issues and publishes in mass media information on corporate news, innovative technological solutions, contracts being signed, completion of the equipment installation and commissioning etc.

And while they were strictly a niche product in the context of the overall sxh equipment industry, DCME devices commanded an impressive 60 percent gross margin.

IP/Ethernet and SDH solutions – Digital Grid – Siemens

It specialized in telephone transmission products that manipulated the signals carried on telephone lines. Depending on the clients’ needs, the Field Engineering Group can either provide full installation services or guide the personnel through the installation process.

After course completion, everyone gets an official certificate permitting to operate certain equipment type.

In Russia SDH equipment is installed and successfully works equipmennts the following enterprises: State-of-the-art NG SDH systems are highly integrated, providing the requested capabilities for utilities in a single device. Depending on customer needs, the scope of the ECI’s responsibility for a network can range from serving as an wdh supplier ssdh to comprehensive planning, supply, implementation and support as well.

This differs from the current standard, which assigns a particular amount of bandwidth to each client whether it is being used or not. DAXT is a single platform optical and digital bandwidth management solution, which lays the foundation for data centric services, while maintaining current architectures.

ECI serves carriers and service providers in various sectors: