Equilibrium Statistical Physics Michael Plischke Birger Bergersen – World Scientific. Uploaded by phungmai. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY- NC). This third edition of one of the most important and best selling textbooks in statistical physics, is a graduate level text suitable for students in physics, chemistry. This book contains solutions to the problems found in Equilibrium Statistical Physics, 2nd Edition, by the same authors.

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Some Relevant Textbooks and Monographs: A modern course in statistical physics. Wiley-Interscience, New York Introduction to Modern statistical mechanics.

Oxford University Press Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics.

Equilibrium Statistical Physics

Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Springer-Verlag, New York Wiley, New York Pergamon, New York Statistical mechanics of phase transitions.

Clarendon Press, Oxford Classical and statistical thermodynamics. From being to becoming. The magnetic properties of solids.


Equilibrium Statistical Physics by Michael Plischke

Acknowledgements I am grateful to Dr. Geoffrey Potter for preparing the graphs to the ideal quantum gas part of these lecture notes. The quality and accuracy of these lecture notes and exercises has greatly benefited from the questions and comments of countless students and correspondents.

Do you have a questions about any of the problems [tex]? Do you need a hint?

Do you wish to suggest additional problems? Do you have a question about the lecture notes [tln, tsl]?

Did you find any mistakes? Drop a note to gmuller uri. Ideal Quantum Gases I: Ideal Quantum Gases II: Skip to main content.