Omega Esa Repair Manual. By Vich I still think I would send it to a specialist if required a full service, a man’s got to know his limitations!. Commencement of Manufacture: Esa , Esa to make some significant improvements to the design, not just from the user’s point of view but from a service point of view also. The Omega technical manual for the cal. ESA Repair Manual. Published on June | Categories: Documents | Downloads: | Comments: 0. views. drhydro. Subscribe 0.

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ESA date mechanism Hi All I’m having trouble with the date mechanism of this hummer and seeking advice.

But it took me days to get it back together again and I vowed never to work on this module again. They fail and often for no apparent reason. Your description of the date change via the date wheel sounds normal. September 8th, Posts Likes It is also worth remembering that the same movement is also used in many other electronic watches from the s i.

There is some sellers on Ebay that has wheels in metal instead of plastic. Forums Latest Auctions Members. Posted November 17, edited. DG GW likes this. The last picture shows those tiny, tiny pawls. Not bad for a 48 year old watch!

ESA Repair Manual – [PDF Document]

Which means that they should be fairly similar. It’s easy to make your own tool. Quit hacking at tuning forks until you get a proper microscope I ended up using a pair of brass tweezers with good success. The time now is Posted July 23, Recently Browsing No registered users viewing this page. Does any one know where to get one. The only cure is a new day wheel.

  EBU 3341 PDF

ESA 9210 Tuning Fork Chronograph Movement

As mentioned above there are two wheels to turn and they should be in a mirror image positions. I have successfully reshaped damaged teeth, but since there is already material missing and the remaining material is brittle, they don’t hold up for more than a few changes.

In my case I did the adjustments in February 7 months ago and it is now off by 98 seconds, which is 0. It has a beautiful tuning fork movement. By KP Started 1 hour ago.

Bread and circuses with the emphasis on the cusses for the masses. February 20th, 5. March 31st, It has 2 asymmetrical cogs sandwiched together and the top one with the tang that hooks the date disk seems to ‘flick’ back to maual starting position every 12 hours But there are several different date wheels types: By billknechtel Started Friday at There are two schools of thought.

The trouble is, the referendum asked people whether or not they wanted what they have today. It was going so I assume I have knocked something out of sync.


Check with the seller if he has for the window at four a clock. Lastly, the Calendar Platform that has the second half of the chronograph mechanism as well as all the day and date wheel works. Yeh reppair what Andy said.

ESA Tuning Fork Chronograph Movement – Electric Watches

Follow the service manual for lubricating maanual part. There are two schools of thought. February 9th, Actually I picked up one but never having used one before found it to be wrong type. Even more vexing is that it has the date window at 4h.

The coils on Bulova Accutrons cousin to the fs also fail but on these, the reason is usually visible and is often caused by either physical damage or battery corrosion.

The other movement looked ok but no hum and I noticed that the resister coil assembly had a burn mark on the plastic so after stripping the dial ,date etc from front Repaid changed over manul the resister from the other ,put in a new energiser have Renata on order from HK and low and behold it went.

October 21st, 1.