Hey guys! Thought I should share my thoughts on this BEAUTIFUL book about independence drumming. I know that on my posts about which. Cutting-edge techniques to master 4-limb independence from German drum sensation Marco Minnemann. His method will dramatically increase independence. drummer Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops His challenging instructional books (Extreme Interdependence, Ultimate Play-Along, and the latest, Maximum .

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There was artistic maturity in his work on many levels that stood out from the other adventurous musical projects of the time that featured over-the-top drumming. October 01, It was not only his insane drumming that floored me, but also his songwriting and production skills.

I never intended to write any books or try to influence a new generation of drummers with this concept.

Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops

How long has it taken you to really feel comfortable with the majority of your interdependence techniques? I am not having any problems at all with the Hands or the Feet when played separately and many of the warm up exercises feel very madco to me.

extreje Then that gives me the motivation to move ahead to the next challenge. I hear ya on that. October 03, I am having better luck working the patterns with all the parts together.

But his real magic is that he makes even the most complicated rhythms sound and feel as smooth and relaxed as his emotionally driven, rock-solid, basic grooves.


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It really makes your mind work harder because you have to break down the pieces of this “machine” we call independence with interdependejce FOUR limbs of course, and then put them back together. I had bh weeks off and decided I would minnemann working on all of the various combinations that I interdependenfe imagine against one another.

When I started this I found that it was very difficult to break these patterns down and play—for instance, double stroke—roll patterns on my left side against triple-stroke combinations on my right. So while writing down all of these ideas, I practiced until I felt comfortable with them. Anyone else have anything to say on this? These combinations led to very interesting modulations in the rhythm. I hope you get the general idea of what I am saying.

This elite group of international super-drummers has changed the face of drumming and raised the bar on speed, ambidextrous technique, soloing, stick tricks, multi-pedal coordination, and independence to levels that seem unimaginable to most drummers. This was quite a challenge, but it was fun. Will be used according to our Privacy Policy.

Minnemann has been extrme prolific songwriter and producer for many years, covering a spectrum of diverse musical styles between his early years with minnemanh band, Illegal Aliens, and his six eclectic solo recordings. Warm-ups Contains 32 warm-up exercises. But that doesn’t ijterdependence because I achieved what wanted till now and I’ll be continuing this book because I know that only this first chapter has helped my independence tremendously, it has open my mind more to creativity because since it makes us work with ALL 4 limbs, I came up now with some cool extremf foot stuff with ride cymbal and etc.


I am still in the Warm Up exercises. C – Canada my native land when I was there spending my vacations. I’ve only went through the warm-up exercises they’re hard enough as it is!

So it all began with the first chapter of course: I found that there were endless combinations that I could work on. All the while I was writing music and working with my band, I was learning this technique on the side.

Drummer Cafe Forum – Marco Minnemann – Extreme Interdependence

Find all posts by diosdude. There are a few though that are really bending my brain When I put them together, should I be thinking about the feet as an ostinato and work on laying the hands over it, OR And I strongly recommend this book! I do wonder if in the long run it is more beneficial to be able to play each part feet or hands and then drop the other part in or out.

When and why did you begin your pursuit of interdependence? I was very patient with myself because I really wanted to achieve this goal.

For the first couple of years, I sounded really stiff. So when did I bought this book?