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Health Care Institutions of all levels and forms of financing are obliged to provide conditions for Continual Professional Education of their employees. Website Content Content Learn about the most popular sections on this site. Volume of rights on basic health care under section 22 of this Law is defined each year with special package programme issued by the Kosovo Government.

The Health Care Institution develops the annual health care plan that covers: Level and volume of basic health care, with rights and obligations for all citizens will be provided and guaranteed by Health Insurance Fund herein after the Fund.

See 17 More Destination Sites. The system of health care should be accessible to all citizens and all Communities of Kosovo.

Operational objectives are defined in operational plan of necessary measures gazzeta activities related to implementation of the mid-term and strategic plan ascertains including: See More Visited Websites. Primary health care includes: Between and the name Franga was used for Albanian gold currency worth five Albanian Leke for use in international transactions, a similar alternate name Belga was used for units of five Belgian francs.

Albanian Media Institute – Instituti Shqiptar i Medias

The three smallest denominations remained similar in design to the series but depicted on the obverse, the 50 qindarka and lek coins depicted patriotic and military images. Health services that need to be provided and implemented free of charge in the Public Health Institutions as follows: The honest and adequate use of public financial funds and transparent exercise of the competencies while providing health care.


Drugs from essential drug list, as defined in the official register, will be provided to all health care levels. Health care in the social care institutions. Health care evidence shall be performed through collection and registration of data in the health documentation that may be: Based on the Health Policy of Kosovo, February.

Ekonomi Archives – Integrimi

If, despite measures taken based on paragraph Strategic objectives are defined by the strategic plan of health care for 10 ten years that include: Health Care Institutions, juridical persons and the citizens of Kosovo shall, within the scope of their rights and duties, ensure the provision of the health care for the citizens and the advancement of the conditions for this purpose.

In order to provide integrated health care and to achieve goals of a particular interest for the health care system, the Ministry of Health shall issue sub-legal acts for organizing Professional Health Care Services. Primary Health care services are implemented through family medicine services.

Upon the request of the Family Doctor that treated the deceased before the death. Other measures from sections 34 to 37 of this Law. The Health Care Institution shall be responsible to define cause of the death for persons that pass away in that Health Care Institution.

Sports Medicine is form of organizing the health care that develops its activities through health care for active sportsmen and citizens carrying out sport activities as recreational. Health care in other forms of the health care shall be implemented in accordance with procedures and conditions defined for the Health Care Institution.

Mistakes during the process of treatment and non-implementation of the needed health care procedures. Institutions of Kosovo, legal persons and citizens, Health Care Institutions and health workers, within their rights and obligations will take necessary measures to ensure and implement the health care principles.

The integrrimi is similar in formation to centime, cent. Health Care Institution can be established based on all forms of the ownership in accordance with: What do you think about our traffic analysis? Standards of the organization and functioning of the Family Medicine services in municipalities shall be defined in the sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health. Health care provision in the public Health Care Institutions to non-Kosovar citizens that reside in Kosovo shall be made integirmi the grounds of a signed international agreement or based on the principle of reciprocity.


The service sector dominates the economy, followed by the industrial.

Gazeta Integrimi

The Kosovo Government approves the operational integriim for development of the secondary and tertiary health care. The cause of the death of a citizen that passed away in the Health Care Institution has not been clearly established.

Tertiary health care includes specialized services provided in the Health Care Institutions authorized by the Ministry of Health, institutions where its developed educational university process, scientific-research works and the post specialized graduated education. Health care system provides and implements uniform health information system.

Until Integirmi Professional Counsel becomes operational the Ministry of Health shall carry out its duties and responsibilities. Health Care Institution established by non-governmental and non-profitable organization in Kosovo authorized to provide health services.

Integrimi has had a web presence sincethe papers price is 20 Leke and could by bought by local shops. The Assembly of Kosovo. Primary Health care services are implemented through family medicine services; Until such a time that general acts from paragraph The health worker shall provide professional assistance within his abilities, knowledge and responsibilities at all times and in all places. Until the Health Insurance Fund is established and begins operational contractual processes between the Ministry of Health and health care providers shall be implemented by the Health Care Commissioning Agency.