Welcome! Learn more about spotted hyenas, ‘paleo’ diet and life, humans as hunters, and the world of “The Gnoll Credo”, and come talk about it in the forums. The Gnoll Credo has ratings and 20 reviews. Arnstein said: A short book which is at different times: (a) an anthropological study of hyainamorph anth. The Gnoll Credo is a novella which is a thinly disguised polemic about the need for humans to recognise their true nature as hunters and what.

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The relationship that the author develops between Gryka, a hyena-human hybrid, and Aiden, a scholar who tnoll to study Gryka’s vicious society, is beautiful even as it revels in bloodiness and a return to more instinctual ways of life.

Why even bother writing a book if crrdo don’t care about plots, good writing or memorable characters or events? Sorry, US orders only for signed copies.

I’ll be interested to see what Stanton comes out with next. The Gnoll Credo tells the tale of Gryka and Aidan, two tremendously different individuals – one being human and the other being a Gnoll.

The Best Books of By removing the notion of their deity and their intelligent, purpose-driven creation, The Gnoll Creeo also removed a shackle that has prevented gnolls from shining on their own, replacing it with a freedom of individuality which they had credk far lacked. Though it is a book th The Gnoll Credo tells the tale of Gryka and Aidan, two tremendously different individuals – one being human and the other being a Gnoll.

This reviewer is utterly unversed in the concepts surrounding the diet and so will not attempt at any comparison. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.


The Gnoll Credo

The alternative would be a distant and potentially dismissive report, which would be nowhere near as informative nor fascinating when vredo this as a story and as a fantasy ecology. While the narrative has merits on its own, its primary function is to vivify the notions of the ecology and the manifesto. Last, but not least, any enjoyment I might have had of creco book was utterly erased by the epilogue.

Expecting yet another simple and brutal primitive tribe, he finds instead a complex society of matriarchal, pack-hunting predators with a stark and beautifully bleak philosophy of existence. Stanton presents these issues without answers while weaving a completely engaging and sometimes shocking story that encourages the reader to empathize with a creature and a culture that one would normally reject outright.

Maxci rated it really liked it Nov 21, The book confuses me and pisses me off. crrdo

While I disagree heartily with the philosophy that the author prescribes for humanity at large, I think that the ideas are worthwhile on a more personal basis.

Popular covers see all 6 covers. The northern areas have winters, the southern does not, and we get a few hints regarding distances between certain locations. This, combined with the obvious agenda for wanting things to return to the way things were before agriculture — it was a bit much.

If you wish a dedication, please place it in the Comments field. It is a good resource when creating lairs, quests, and enemy encounters, but the way it deals with their personalities and ways is brief and uninspiring — i.

You can read sample chapters at http: Just like orcs gained a greater role in fantasy by shedding Sauron’s rule, are gnolls now given a similar opportunity. That’s the first word that came to mind after I finished reading this book.

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The Gnoll Credo by J. Stanton: Watt Press

Gregg Dinino rated it liked it Jun 19, Would I recommend this book? Yet, surprisingly, they have seen very little participation in the genre despite their fame. This is why we laugh. It poses many internal questions that will keep you pondering provided that you enjoy pondering about your basic values and the why of your behavior and society’s behavior as a whole.

The Gnoll Credo : J. Stanton :

The only minus was the tacked-on cultural lecture at the end especially since it is not now possible for humans to go back to hunter-gatherer culture on this planet, attractive though that sounds — if the author had left off the epilogu Really liked this one And then you might have a joyous and bloody and terribly strange adventure, and you might find yourself laughing with the gnolls.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x What I expected was an interesting World of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons type story that looked into the strange and savage society of some fictional giant hyena monsters while at the same time telling a larger story.

Almost as if the author just wanted to be finished. These inconsistencies combined with the author’s constant use of the f-word and baser language when referring to genitalia and excretion, really got on my nerves.