ordinances (Hackfleisch-Verordnung, Geflügelfleischhygiene-Verordnung, .. Since January the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority is. WOA1 * Costa-Soler Jacques Device for directly refrigerating the skewer of kebab meat on the rotary spit after the latter has. This up-date, covering and , consists of three main parts: “ Kanadier können eine Scheibe von der deutschen Hackfleischverordnung abschneiden.

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Has world class institutions and a unique culture to boast of. Must be something some bavarians in their village in the mountains eat! I hope you can get your bratwurst and pretzel fix in NYC are the pretzels as good? I just had to laugh about myself.

I look forward to the day when Hackfleiscnverordnung go back to Germany, and sit down to have a delicious beer.

His mother was formally trained in pastry-making and hence, she made fantastic, multi-layered tortes, kugelhof, etc. It seems when you work for the government generally speaking you are very well looked after indeed! What a shitstorm that would cause!

At some points i laughed so hard I had to hold my belly: I adore Kiel, in fact, I adore the north. Hi Ulrike, like I wrote I just heard it from a few people age about 60 I would say but it sounded more like a pen friend thing so I might be wrong with the exchange for students, but as I understood it was something that you got the opportunity to do thru school.

And I would find such a list just as funny if a German wrote it about Americans it probably already exists somewhere. I have discussed before, with German friends of mine, about why Germans tend to keep to themselves unless directly approached.


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Even the nastiest smoke hole with puke in every corner will have squeaky-clean toilet with LOTS of toilet paper, good smell, soap AND towels. Honor the Sunday, it is Church-Day! Now I get it, ahhhh now I get it. From an expat who emigrated over 20 years ago…and has that thing on his mind…perhaps on a daily basis…if not so, at least every other or every other family vacation, business call and inner conflicts…: I never knew that Mettwurst was made with raw pork, must be smoked or something?

It is a modern democracy and welcomes immigrants. If you manage to decode the lyrics, you know the secret of how the Germans keep their country neat and tidy. And Germans always wearing boots and never going bare foot? If you do it in front of a German, it will trouble him deeply but he will probably not say anything. Me and the kind stranger. The spike itself is the central element for the formation of the doner and later force transducer in the drive for rotational movement in the thermal treatment of the crude product doner.

And it is true, we must never forget those roots mine are still in the red soil of home. Maybe its just our way of small talk? Just a beautiful city and not far away from Kiel. We went there even if it rained.

Thumbs up for your work! I had this odd sense of coming home. So, thank you for this list, and the fun i head with reading it: My northerner boyfriend introduced me to this recently. I would like to reply to the hand shaking custom.

What I Know About Germans – Liv Hambrett

I had no idea, but it makes complete sense … you guys and your cars, man oh man. The one that Germans are 0212 right. Right now Germany is very much the boss in Europe but it would be interesting to see in the next 50 years, what would happen to Germany as the developing world takes over slowly.


We visited a castle an had to buy a ticket. How to tell a German on holidays from other travellers? Maybe educate yourself about the craft beer revolution which has been going on for 30 years.

Now we live in Georgia…. Hello Kat, I am not offended, you misread me. Thus, the slices of meat and minced meat masses can be applied in alternating sequence on the respective superimposing means to the kebab has reached its final form. Only two things missing for me: I agree with most if it, especially the bank thing.

We love to complain. I must dispute the point made at 17 and I never lived in London but visited quite a few times and a friend of mine was from England living in London so we talked about a lot back in the days when we were young!

Thanks for this made me laugh. Oh nooooo — I have generally always had a hackfleischveeordnung good experience with public toilets! I love this article. Thanks for that good laugh on a Tuesday morning. I doubt your knowledge about this culture.

When you compare them to their neighbouring country The Netherlands where I am from they actually work longer and for less money. After fact it gets better.