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The name of the directory is user-defined. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in FAR HDL Direct gives a warning if different ports of an entity are wired together in hct4106 schematics. Each part cell has several views, each describing the part in a unique way.

Make every effort to find and include the pin information in each part built.

For example, the MC has an open emitter gate. Hct406 Naming When creating parts, a vendor or common functional part name should be used wherever possible. These are cells for which the model names are incorrect or the wrapper has errors. A file should contain one library per line. Comments can cross line boundaries, but they cannot be nested.

74HCT4016 Datasheet PDF

These cells have crossview errors reported by newgenasym. There is no limit to the number of properties that can be specified. If a visible property is placed on the symbol body, instance specific properties that are added will overlap the symbol. Information in this publication is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Cadence.


While packaging and sectioning use physical number, some Concept-HDL design integrity checks and SigNoise signal integrity analysis use the type and loading information. These libraries include consistent schematic symbols and packaging data for many commercially available parts. Its location is passed through -libdir option.

If the -symbol option is not used, hlibgenxmpl tests all the symbols in the specified cell s.

However for complex parts that have a large number of pins, you should use the Cadence Part Developer to create the chips. You can place all of these file in a single directory which will later be read by Packager-XL hct44016 packaging. This is because, when the symbol is instantiated in the schematic, Concept-HDL aligns any instance specific properties that are added with the visible properties. Preferred parts and user part information could be extracted and used for.

January 33 Product Version The -cell option can be used only if the -lib option has been used.

GD4066B – Quad Bilateral Switches

Each merge symbol has four versions-two for merges and two for demerges. January 85 Product Version Example Following is an example of the hlibftb being run on the ls00 component of the lsttl library using the Concept-HDL product.

Clock, Set, Reset and Enable pins. The pin information like pin names, types, loading and physical numbers is stored in the chips.

If they are used with brackets, you can specify zero or more arguments. These keywords represent command function, routine or option names.


A separator may be any keyboard character including a space or multiple spaces that does not have a conflicting definition. This file contains the names of all the pins on the symbol. The directory name is user-defined. Each of the libraries are further organized into separate directories, one for each technology for example, HCMOS components are in a directory called hcmos.

HCT Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Adding another low asserted callout causes a double negative situation. In this case, the versions of the part that represent the different sections must have no identical pin names, so that you can distinguish the different sections.

Be sure to enter the appropriate information for each package type since the information may vary.

These single pins represent multiple bus signals. This structure is also know as the lib-cell-view architecture, where each of the subdirectories, such as chips, entity etc. Do not add any unique package nomenclature such as a user internal part number or speed. Vertical pins may be labeled with vertical text, but when possible, keep the pin note horizontal and right reading. The NOT symbol is used to convert a signal from one assertion to the other for the Bubble Checker without a logical inversion taking place.