Owner’s Manuals. MultiZone Amplifiers; Tuners; Receivers; Blu-ray / DVD Players ; Accessories; Amplifiers; Net-Tune; Preamplifiers; Media Center; Sound Bar. Introduction. The SSP (Surround Sound Processor) world has been a sad place for the last couple of years. All the mass market companies were implementing. Setup of the DTC was as simple as any receiver I have used. A quick check of the manual reveals that you simply plug in the calibration mic and the.

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Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. Manusl took the measurements using the balanced inputs and outputs. Because many consumer HD displays are either p or p, using a high-quality HD video processor is essential to getting the most out of HD broadcast signals from cable or satellite, many of which are i.

Integra raised a lot of eyebrows when it announced the new DTC The Integra is like most other Japan-manufactured audio components with a solid build, but not overdone. At Secrets, we are always impressed when a processor allows us to set distance in either feet or meters selectable by the user if it uses milliseconds, we typically just send the processor back with a note saying when you build something in ftc century send us another integga.

Brian lives fairly close to me, so we measured both units using the exact same equipment.


Here We Go Again. Onkyo and Integra obviously share a lot of technology between their product lines and sell substantially more units than boutique brands of audio gear.

As mentioned above, every stereo and multi-channel audio format I can think of is supported by this unit. In terms of usability, the 9. The Integra internally decodes and processes every high-resolution audio source available today.


I can hardly express how happy Manaul am with the sound of this unit. Part I — British Hi-fi.

Don’t have an account? Is There A Difference? The back of the unit is equally as impressive, with a integrx row of balanced connectors across the bottom 7.

A A x 2 pcs. For analog stereo inputs you have a CD, tape loop, and a phono input yes vinyl is making a comeback.

Integra DTC-9.8 THX Ultra2 7.1 SSP

In the simple frequency response test, while the receiver is down almost 0. Listening to the audio from that movie reminds me so much of that wonderful experience which opened my eyes and ears to the wonders of theater, but honestly I think I enjoy it as much watching the HD DVD at home now.

Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio. The Integra is pretty close to perfect, but there is one annoying little thing. Dtx my case, I have a relatively large room with acoustic treatment and some other very good integrq to complement the Integra.

Brochures often advertise certain specifications, the release date and the original price. Power on the unit and wait for more than 10 seconds. I could dgc every audio format the system supports but it is easier to refer to pages of the manual which can be downloaded here.

The component, HDMI, and digital inputs and be assigned to any of the inputs on the unit. Configurable polarity and pushpull output. Welcome back, We are glad to see you are using our service again.

Integra DTC-9.8 Three-Zone Preamplifier/Processor Introduced

Optilink5 Pioneer D laserdisc player: By incorporating measurements at up to eight points in the listening room, Audyssey MultEQ provides both frequency response and time domain corrections throughout the entire listening area, rather than just at a single position.

Got it, continue to print.

While this might not be important to most remote control users, direct access to sources and menus are important to many consumers. I am hoping I will have some time to hook it up soon.


The setup does not allow you to adjust the slopes or frequencies it sets up at part of the calibration in terms of room correction.

Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years.

Download the Integra DTC manuals for free – Hifi Manuals

If you have a p display, the video processor still needs to properly deinterlace i to p and then scale down. There is onboard decoding for nearly every major format in use today, including the latest high definition and lossless audio formats specified for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disc formats. The choices are p, p, i, and p. Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. Imagine – The Ultimate Edition. DSP Update Procedure 1.

Onkyo and Integra are in the process of moving the network-based audio file playback MP3s, etc. I will cover those quickly below. All of the post-processing modes can be layered on any incoming audio signal, including the next-gen codecs from Dolby and DTS.

First, there are direct source access buttons on the front as well as a menu control. Still works like a charm but i am just using for Stereo now in a different room. This kind of performance is amazing for an SSP at this price point. I tried it with and without the Audyssey EQ, and it did make a difference. There is a lot of debate about using crossover frequencies lower than 80 Hz for your main channels. Let us know what you think of it once you get it set up and tested.