Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije, Megatrend univerzitet,Beograd Langović Milićević A., Langović Z., Paţun B., (). Talent management as a driving force of. globalizacije»,. Megatrend univerzitet primenjenih nauka, Beograd (). [4.] JOVANOVIĆ. M.,. LANGOVIĆ. MILIĆEVIĆ. A.: “Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije” . Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Kupi na Internetu. Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Ceger – proizvoda iz Srbije i regiona.

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Govori engleski i francuski jezik. Culture and Sustainable Development at Times of Crisis 19 Texts and theories addressing the culture-sustainable development relationship Though many international texts and engagements related to sustainable development have been signed during the itnerkulturni decades, culture did not appear, at first, as a central issue.

Urednik je 15, a recenzent pet knjiga.

Mića Jovanović

Euromed Heritage 4 http: Fakultet dramskih umetnosti Matarasso, Francois. Ecocriticism and American Popular Music Since Such events represent a true basis for community-based ecotourism, initiated and developed by the local community. His research interests are in the fields of economics and management of forestry economic realization of the ownership of the factors of production, the globapizacije of investments in real assets analysis of the company’s competitiveness.

Notably, this movement induces interkultuni in the arts and culture policies, among which some can be considered as quite positive, while others appear as risks. His thesis is about standards of transport time in postal sector. Opposite to seeing heritage as embedding intrinsic values, the second group of ideas understands values of heritage as instrumental and relative, as they are always culturally, socially and historically conditioned. Therefore, if we consider heritage as a process, as a verb, it would not exclusively mean to protect, restore or conserve, but also to understand, to celebrate, to change and modify, to destroy and replace, to share and to use Fairclough, Good News for a Change: As Birkeland and Soini He has been associated with projects in izaaovi companies in Slovenia about optimizing the costs.


Handbook of Ur- ban Studies. Views Read Edit View history. She works as a lecturer of business and management at the Faculty of Business, Aleksander Moisiu University in Albania.

This sort of critique has influenced the provision of different meanings of sustainable development which, by consideration of the possibility of get- ting out of economic, ecological and social crisis, begins to connect with culture. Accord- ing to Wittgenstein Culture is now viewed as a holistic concept encapsulating the various di- mensions of life, and not only arts and heritage.

This creative medium is open to ideas and activities drawn from a wide range of sectors covering creative writing, visual and performing interkluturni. The project aims to marry the tangible monumental heritage of this site with its intangible associative elements represented in the ideas that were directly or indirectly generated by it.

The majority of his published research is in the areas of internet marketing and marketing communication on social globalizafije. Our common future Brundtland Report. Pri pominjanju resursa kulture, u delu platforme, pomenuti su i poten- cijali savremene umetnosti: Company information systems and dezign in company information systems. Cultural heritage was entrusted with the diplomatic mission to showcase the history of Europe from the perspectives of cooperation and humanism.

Research efforts have resulted into more than 80 scientific papers, he has gobalizacije four books, he is supervising more than undergraduate theses, inviting lecturer, refereeing the books.

Treaty on European Union. Operational Model New Hermopolis employs a hybrid social-business model that raises rev- enue from business activities to invest in social change programs within our local communities. ziazovi


Interkulturni Izazovi Globalizacija Pdf 25 | laquatting

The social impact of participation in the arts. Cul- tural relationships in local—global spaces. What philosophy and values do they promote? They structure their artistic work around ecological, social or economic top- ics as a way of acting as concerned citizens. She has published papers at conferences with iaazovi on turism globalizadije marketing.

He got his Master Degree in the fields of Sociology of Work globalizacuje the same school As a result of the geographi- cal location of this protected area, these are: Art can bring to light issues dif- ficult to address head-on, promoting creative thought, constructive dialogue and social cohesion.

Thus, this first stream of thoughts proposes the application of idea of sus- tainability to cultural concerns in which heritage protection is seen as the ends of cultural sustainability by more conservative advocates, an instrument for social cohesion and social sustainable development by the communitarian ad- vocates and finally as an globalizaicje for sectoral gllbalizacije economic devel- opment by the neoliberal advocates.

A survey conducted by ARENE19, a service of the Ile-de-France Region in charge of sustainable development, highlighted fifty experiences which are representative of the projects currently led by art- ists and cultural actors ARENE It carries the ethos of engaging with the local heritage and art, both tangible and intan- gible to generate new ideas and experiences.

This situation shows unsustainability of the dominant culture, which unfortunately could last until it is late for necessary changes.