The John Deere IVT is an easy-to-use transmission with simple and unrivalled ease of operation among all transmissions making it ideal for. More than a transmission, John Deere IVT stands for the first electronic management system, which coordinates the electronically-regulated. The main components of the IVT are a NuVinci N CVT, a planetary gear and a fixed – Power flows and efficiency in infinitely variable transmissions.

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(of mechanical transmissions, gearboxes)

If bending, it has a perfect conical surface on its side. One disc is the input, and the other is the output.

Cogset Derailleur gears Hub gear Shaft-driven bicycle Sprocket. Automatic transmission Chain drive Clutch Constant-velocity joint Continuously variable transmission Coupling Ivr Direct-shift gearbox Drive shaft Dual-clutch transmission Drive wheel Electrohydraulic manual transmission Electrorheological clutch Epicyclic gearing Fluid coupling Friction drive Gear stick Giubo Hotchkiss drive Limited-slip differential Locking differential Manual transmission Manumatic Parking pawl Park by wire Preselector gearbox Semi-automatic transmission Shift by wire Torque converter Transaxle Transmission control unit Universal joint.

The system can have multiple “planets” to transfer torque through multiple fluid patches. Setting of maximum speeds can be adjusted either on-the-go or when the tractor is stationary. Although there is an oscillatory movement, some of these transmissions are absolutely homokinetic, which means the rotation of the output shaft is at all times exactly proportional to the one of the input shaft.

This changes the effective diameters of both pulleys, which changes the overall gear ratio. Regarding the previous paragraph, the chain of an iCVT forms an open loop on its variator pulley that partially covers its variator pulley such that an open section, which is not covered by the chain, exist.

The transmission ratio is adjusted by changing linkage geometry within the oscillating elements, so that the summed maximum linkage speed is adjusted, even when the average linkage speed remains constant. Other benefits are better ovt economy and reduced engine noise.


This is achieved because the operating conditions are being constantly monitored and relayed to the Electronic Management System, which then automatically determines whether the tractor is in a loaded condition or a lvt to no-load condition and makes the appropriate adjustments. Using the optional foot geabox in conjunction with the footbrake with integrated AutoClutch is the preferred method of operating an IVT equipped tractor on the road.

The stroke is altered by altering the distance of the crank pin from the axis of rotation.

John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™)

In this way, there will be only one theoretical contact point between each cone and the hub at any time. In the Suzuki Burgman was the largest-displacement scooter in the world, and first two-wheel vehicle to feature an gezrbox controlled CVT. Toroidal CVTs are made up of discs and rollers that transmit power between the discs. When the roller’s axis is perpendicular to the axis of the near-conical parts, it contacts the near-conical parts at same-diameter locations and thus gives a 1: That optimizes the CVT ratio for actual riding conditions.

When the pedaling torque relaxes to lower levels, the transmission self-adjusts toward higher gears, accompanied by an increase in transmission vibration. Electric motor Hybrid vehicle drivetrain Electric generator Alternator. Clutching is required if the IVT selector is off.

All of this is done automatically through the Electronic Management System maintaining communication between the engine and transmission.

It was used in the Saturn Vue and Saturn Ion models. When coming to gearboc stop, let off the foot throttle, reducing both engine rpm and speed, then depress both brake pedals.

Requires codes or The transmission will not automatically shift with varying engine load to maintain your selected ground speed. This linear oscillation is converted back to rocking motion using a rack and pinion.


In mowing or harvesting operations a CVT allows the forward speed of the tractor or combine harvester to be adjusted independently of the engine speed. The white needle shows actual speed and red lights around the needle show commanded speed. It’s also an application of CVTs, especially for those adapting the transmission ratio to the resistant torque.

Retrieved 11 January The IVT can work from 0. Archived from the original on 13 January Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors. Because the changes are automatic, it reduces the reliance on operator experience bearbox make the appropriate manual adjustments.

Continuously variable transmission

Direct feedback is always given through an analog needle and a bearbox display in the CommandCenter. The variator pulley of an iCVT is choked using two small choking pulleys. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Speed wheel is for fine-tuning – infinite adjustability.

Between the discs are rollers which vary the ratio and which transfer power from one side to the other. The Honda DN motorcycle is the first road-going consumer vehicle with hydrostatic drive that employs a variable displacement axial piston pump with a variable-angle swashplate. Nevertheless, in some vehicles e. Archived from the original PDF on 8 September The m CVT is of particular interest as a highly efficient power-split device for blended parallel hybrid vehicles, but also has potential applications in renewable energy, marine propulsion and industrial drive sectors.

In ICE-only mode, part of the engine’s power is mechanically coupled to the drivetrain, with the other part going through a generator and a motor.