Jacques Ravatin left us in March It is by this interview of – below – that we discovered it. It was the continuation and synthesis of a. , French, Book, Illustrated edition: Théorie des formes et des champs de cohérence / Jacques Ravatin, Anne-Marie Branca. Ravatin, Jacques, Jacques Ravatin. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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Jacques Ravatin left us in March It is by this interview of — below — that we discovered it.

It was the continuation and synthesis of a long line of vanguard researchers and scientists who, at the same time, practically and theoretically studied the links of the visible and the invisible, their implications and the possibility of change of consciousness.

His work remains relatively unknown and it is unfortunate that many wacky are inspired. His theses remain to be verified by a wider community of researchers …. If mathematics, architecture and aesthetics bring innumerable descriptive and analytical data concerning Forms, no current science seems to pose the fundamental problem: A second generation of researchers, among them the archaeologist Enel, then Jean de la Foye and Roger de Lafforest, took back the results of the pioneers and accumulated the experimental verifications.

The following interview evokes, of course, those preliminary stages without which current research would remain incomprehensible. Without dwelling on it, however, and this for two reasons. It is not desirable to give too much practical information about the experimental devices used in this field.

Their apparent simplicity conceals formidable potentialities that the enthusiastic beginner as sometimes the confirmed researcher may discover at his expense and … to those of others! We no longer speak of waves of form but of emissions due to forms.

Because we do not have to do waves, nor those of the electromagnetic spectrum, nor those of jacquse other known vibratory system. Emissions due to forms do not belong to our physical universe …. Did the Initiates of Antiquity converse with the Gods? Does the Hebrew alphabet conceal the latent state of all reality?

Are the Pyramids, the statues of Easter Island and the Cathedrals as many racatin emitters? It would be a matter of Elsewhere ravayin other than that of physicists. Our physical universe would be only a restriction of the real universe, of the Global. And more immediate issues such as habitat, environment, medicine and technology of the future. Even on these themes of civilization, we will see that the formulations defy all our habits of thought.

But then, was it necessary to publish these words, or was it not too early to do so?

Apparatus for Amplifying Emissions Due to Shapes – Patents by Jacques Ravatin of ARK’all

Of two things one: It would then be unforgivable to obstruct their dissemination and free appreciation by all. Or they come from an exaggerated enthusiasm and a total lack of scientific prudence, in which case, according to the formula, they are only jacqued by the author, his good faith and his university skills.

In one case as in the other, Jacques Ravatin seemed to us capable of taking his responsibilities. His academic career after a Ph. His experimental practice he was also a chemical engineer at the CNRS gives hope that he kept his eyes open during his investigations.

The assurance with hacques it proposes to carry out the principal physico-chemical transformations known by jacqufs entirely unknown to our laboratories would be foolish if it were not based on a verifiable acquis.

But let us suppose rsvatin the following statements are only extrapolations without foundation or real observations but hastily generalized, in short, an abuse of interpretation. Nevertheless, it would be necessary to read and re-read them. Einstein did not say he had collected some major ideas of his theories to jacqus … science fiction books! Answer — Jacques Ravatin: As soon as I finished high school, I was concerned about the existence of realities unknown to classical science.


I thought that some phenomena came from a different approach. I started looking for what I call non-Cartesian systems. In academia, opinions about the existence of such systems were very divided.

Inin my thesis of mathematical physics, I showed that some major problems of physics were amenable to other reference systems, other approaches than those used until now.

He was very interested in the concept of Non-Cartesian Systems and encouraged me to continue my research. Wishing to deepen my mathematical knowledge, I worked for a while on very special algebras. I continued to think of the Non-Cartesian Systems, until the day I heard Roger de Lafforest, during a television broadcast, talk about some research on the Forms and their unusual effects on living beings.

The unsuspected properties of the Forms gave me access to one of those Non-Cartesian Systems I had been searching for for a long time as a real example. By resuming their results in the light of the non-Cartesian models that I had elaborated on the abstract plane, we could finally go on and find out from what aspect of the real the enigmatic influences emitted by the Forms.

According to Jacques Ravatin, this ring offsets the harmful effects of certain Emissions due to Forms. He was the only survivor of the unexplained death wave that struck eighteen people closely associated with the excavations of the Carter-Carnavon mission. The researchers would have been reached by harmful emissions due to the displacement of funerary objects: Q — Can you, in a brief history, relate the main stages that marked the evolution of the problem to its current form?

For what follows, it is first necessary to counter an argument that is too well known as soon as we speak of dowsing. The use of the pendulum is disputed on the pretext that its gyration is due to imperceptible muscular movements, conscious or not, on the part of the subject who manipulates it. As early asBaron von Reichenbach had developed a type of clock that excluded the muscular action of the subject.

It is a pendulum whose thread, at a certain height, is wound a number of times around a fixed cylinder. The subject had no other contact with the pendulum than the end gavatin the index finger resting on the wire at the level of the winding jacquues. The intervention of muscular twitches, even important, was therefore excluded, which did not prevent the pendulum from turning into gyration according to the usual principles.

After this indispensable clarification, I come to another experience also due to Reichenbach and directly related to what interests us. On the positive pole, facing north, a right magnet, a wooden cylinder was placed.

A clairvoyant, placed in a dark room, was then asked to concentrate his attention on the cylinder. At the end of about an hour, the subject saw a circle of colors appear around the circumference of the cylinder, arranged in the order of the optical spectrum we know in optics. AroundColonel de Rochas had also discovered through various experiments emissions not belonging to the known electromagnetic spectrum. The same broadcasts were spotted and as it was the rvaatin age of the applications of electromagnetism, the researchers I have just cited attempted to reconcile their discoveries with the prevailing theories.

It was thought at the time that it was an unexplored band of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Similar authors to follow

The abbreviations are as follows: At the vertical of a precise point, the pendulum enters in gyration. For example, at the North Pole of the sphere, there will be a point of emission that turns the pendulum for a green control fabric and in a clockwise direction: The diametrically opposite point receives the name Green Negative or V.

The wire slides on a movable loop attached to the pendulum and can thus be set above the desired emission point.

Gyration ravatjn occur vertically from an object emitting according to the characteristics of the selected transmitter point on the pendulum. It is a very useful instrument, just like the equatorial pendulum developed by the same authors.


Ravatin, Jacques [WorldCat Identities]

And the achievements of the first researchers have lost none of their practical value. They do not belong to our physical universe. Q — How did one go from concrete research and electromagnetic or chromatic analogies to the infinitely more abstract conceptions that you now support?

Before even taking an interest in Emissions due to Forms, Enel was introduced to the esoteric doctrines of antiquity. He was no doubt the first to understand that racatin powers of Forms were part of a way of thinking radically different from ours. Rather than turning to the scientific criteria of the moment, he considered the problem from the point of view of Jacqhes Kabbalah and the great cosmogonic systems of ancient India and Egypt. This allowed him to deepen the sense of the sacred architectures that jaacques, for the materialist thought, rigorously incomprehensible.

Enel was also one of the first to suspect the relationship between Emissions due to Forms and cancer. He even discovered an Emotion acting on the cancer cells.

Jacques Ravatin – Emissions due to Forms – Aether Force

Placed on a wooden disc properly pierced and oriented, this kabbalistic figure, called Synthesis, generates Dynamic Emissions whose effects are ajcques on life and water. Although possessing therapeutic properties, it is of a delicate use: Q — Now let us come to your boldest statement: Emissions due to Forms do not belong to our physical universe!

What is this conviction based on? A — From the point of view of science, the essential condition for the knowledge of the Universe is that we can everywhere and always give ourselves one or more references: As long as we can address phenomena as part of a benchmark system, we have the ability to analyze, name, count, measure, or compare. But is there not in the universe domains where the landmarks themselves become unstable jacquex disappear? We have discovered the existence of such systems, realities for which standards and benchmarks are blurred or completely lacking.

The physical universe is therefore tavatin one aspect, a particular case, of a larger domain. Our restricted physical universe is what we call the Local, since we can always locate an object there. As for the total Universe, the one where the markers of the Local disappear, we call it the Global. There are intermediate areas between these two faces of the real, from the Local to the Global and projections of the Global in the Local.

Q — So the domain of Emissions due to Forms would jacqus the one where it remains possible, in spite of the evanescence of landmarks, to understand what is happening on the threshold of the incomprehensible? Has experimental practice also experienced significant variations? But in current research, for detection or analysis, we always use universal, equatorial pendulums, etc. This notion is crucial because some Emissions deemed beneficial can have a disastrous influence only because they are in a harmful state.

Q — Can you clarify this new notion and the method used to highlight the State of an Emission? R — In physics, we define the state of an object by its position and speed. But since the Emissions due to the Forms are outside the physical domain, their various characteristics do not correspond to the criteria of the Local. Despite this delocalisation, certain differentiations remain possible. We can thus distinguish the qualitative levels of Physics, Vital, Psychic, to name only the simplest categories.

Contemporary alphabets are sets of purely conventional signs, but the same is not true of the ancient alphabets, each sign of which carried a latent power in connection with jacquea different cosmic aspects that the writing intended to reflect and express.