15 Items ItemName: Lego Control Center, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Set complete (but without pen) with instructions and box. Set number: ; Name: Control Centre; Also known as: Technic Control Centre; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme: Technic; Subtheme. Set # TECHNIC Control Center. Theme: LEGO Need building instructions? Submit instruction page . Please visit

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Next comes a belt drive through a pair of pulleys to prevent the motor from stalling. Based on the motor’s loaded rotation rate of rpm, the rotation rate of the arm is about 1.

A baseplate is used as a platform. The belt system allows the gears to slip instryctions of stalling the motor when reaching the axis end stop.

Finally, an 8 tooth pinion drives the outer ring gear of the turntable which has 56 teeth. Motorized Lifting Boom The boom can be raised and lowered using the upper motor, but only by driving the motor in a single direction. They are controlled by a 4 way control pad on the instrjctions. The pen can be lifted manually.

Motorized Rotating Arm The arm can be rotated side to side using a motor contained in the fixed base. The weight can be rotated to lift the pen from the paper via the gear system.

The motor for this function is located in the base. You can then play it back Go at any time, or you can control the system manually. Final gear reduction is 3: The motors drive at roughly the same rate, so 0, 45, and 90 degrees are the only possible angles. There are two memory sections which the Control Center can toggle between. The lifting of the arm uses the very same gear system.

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Since the wheels can be driven in opposite directions, the robot is capable of turning with zero radius. A triplet of tooth gears follows. The Control Center has 3 color coded power outputs, each capable of driving a 9V motor.

Instructions for – Technic Control Center |

Click for an animation of the arm rotating. The motors can be used independently to create horizontal or vertical lines, or together instructjons create diagonal lines. A belt comes next, driven by a pair of pulleys. When the end effector closes on something, either itself or an item it is grasping, the last blue axle becomes effectively locked. The method used to achieve this is quite clever and is described below. The arm is capable of rotating, lifting, and opening the end effector.

Final gear reduction is The plotter even includes a means to secure the paper. The multiple lifting functions are achieved with a single motor mounted in the superstucture through a pendular gear which can be seen in red in the computer images. Click for an animation of the crane slewing. Click for an animation of the outriggers deploying.

The computer image shows the drive system. Click for an animation of the boom lifting.

Instructions For LEGO 8094 Universal Set with computer control

Insfructions causes it to engage the gear system on that side. A pair of 14 tooth bevel gears then mesh with a 24 tooth crown.


Since the wires pass up through the turntable they will become twisted if it rotates too far. One buttons drives one direction, and the other reverses polarity and drives the motor the other way. The X axis motor has an 8 tooth spur gear on the output shaft first computer image and drives a 24 tooth spur gear. The 40 tooth gear has a link attached to one of the off-center pin holes. There is obviously some limit to the amount of memory on the system so it can only record a certain number of inputs, however, I have never found the limit.

The drawing method using the plotter is similar to the popular toy ” Etch A Sketch “. Movement of the control pad in a diagonal direction effectively controls 2 channels at once. Each wheel is powered by an independent motor. How is this possible?


The motor drives a set legoo 8 and 24 tooth spur gears followed by two pairs of 16 tooth spurs. Final reduction is Motorized Slewing Superstructure The entire superstructure slews on one of the new turntables which is able to support the unbalanced weight without falling apart. Motorized Lifting and Grasping End Effector The motorized lifting and grasping end effector is practically magic.