Libro: Cartas de Amor y Desamor Autor: Gabriela Mistral. 4 likes. Book. : CARTAS DE AMOR Y DESAMOR: pp. Libros, postales, figuras de resina, merchandising de todo tipo, especializados en comic clasico español y comics en general, 25 años haciendo un fanzine “El.

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Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made, and his senses are being developed. Then the invalid said: Then God spoke from above “How shall I descend from the blue?

All the valley is dancing Together under the sun, And the heart of him who joins us not Is turned to dust, to dust. How to seal myself up now? What I carry out is, in that respect, greater and deeper than I, I am merely the channel. Now is the time his bones are formed, his mind developed.

To him we cannot say tomorrow, his name is today. Hay besos que parecen azucenas por sublimes, ingenuos y por puros, hay besos traicioneros y cobardes, hay besos maldecidos y perjuros. Besos de llama que en rastro impreso llevan los surcos de un amor vedado, besos de tempestad, salvajes besos que solo nuestros labios han probado. Sangre cxrtas mis labios. Este maravilloso poema de Gabriela Mistral, nos describe de una manera muy simple y sentida, una de las grandes expresiones de amor o quizas las principal.


Mistral, Gabriela (7 April – 10 January ) |

Me he tomado el trabajo de narrarlo, asumiendo el riesgo de no ser capaz de transmitir la verdadera intensidad o altura que tienen las palabras de esta destacada artista de las letras. Her breathing is the breath of the wilderness, she has loved with a passion that makes her blanch, which she never mentions and which would be like the map of another star if she told us. There are silent kisses, kisses noblesThere enigmatic kisses, sincereSome kisses are given only soulsThere forbidden kisses, true.

Some kisses calcined and hurt,Some kisses captivate sensesThere mysterious kisses that have leftthousand wandering and lost dreams. There problematic kisses enclosinga key that no one has decipheredSome kisses engender tragedyfew have defoliated roses brooch. There perfumed kisses, warm kissesthrobbing in gabbriela longings,Some kisses on the lips leave tracesas a field of sun between two ice.

Some kisses seem liliesby sublime, naive and pure,There treacherous and cowardly kisses,There cursed and perjured kisses. Judas kisses Jesus and leaves printin the face of God, felony,while Magdalena with kissesfortifies pious agony. From then kisses throbslove, betrayal and pain,in human weddings they seemthe breeze playing with flowers.

There are kisses that produce ravingsloving hot and mad passion,you know them well are my kissesinvented by me, for your mouth. Flame kisses printed on trailThey take the grooves of a forbidden love,kisses storm, wild kissesour lips only been tested. Do you remember the first? Indefinable;Your face covered with blushes luridand in the throes of librp emotion,Your eyes were filled with tears.


Do you remember that one evening in excess crazyI saw you jealous imagining grievances,He flunked you in my gabrisla Blood on my lips. I taught you to kiss: Tampoco el viento agitador de velas, ni la sonrisa de las altas hierbas.

msitral El nombre no le den de su bautismo. Avanza abriendo el matorral espeso y al acercarse ya suelta su espalda, libre lo deja y se apaga en mi puerta. All Quotes Add A Quote. Books by Gabriela Mistral.

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