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Rhys Ashcroft unwillingly accepted the title his father left him at his demise and was forced to resume his duties in England. Devilishly handsome, Rhys was in high demand by the women of the ton and his cruel perceptions of external beauty left many broken-hearted and bitter. After a near-fatal accident disfigures his face, he isolates himself in Falmouth castle and many presume him dead. Danielle Carmichael held no expectations to make a suitable match and happily accepted her fate as a spinster.

She resides in the country with her aging relatives with the spires of Falmouth Castle piquing her curiosity. Despite her better judgment, she explores the castle one evening and meets the hostile stranger who therein monttomery, becoming drawn to his cloaked features and icy rebuttals. Determined to befriend the dark and mysterious stranger, she returns day after day only to be met by his callous disregard.

Can her determination to befriend him eventually thaw the coldness of his heart? Set in Regency England, this montgoemry a heart-warming story of one girl’s perseverance and one man’s acceptance of change and fate. Read awhlyn Read less.

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. I agree with most of the negative comments about this book. For me, what really bugged me was how all these people seemed to get around England within a few hours. The story is set in Cornwall, but for all intent and purposes, you would think the hero’s castle was located in Mayfair, since there were soooooo many “callers” who wanted to call on him.


Cornwall is located on the very southern part of England and is considered the “country”. Nobody would have traveled days to get to Cornwall just to pay a call. They didn’t have cars back then!!!

Another big hole in the plot was how Danielle ventured into the Castle in the first night because she saw the light there for the first time since she arrived in Cornwall three months ago and everybody thought the Castle was abandoned.

But the hero has been living there for like 5 years by that time. My question is did he live there for all 3 months the heroine was there without lights at night?

Lord Beast

How did he and the butler and the housekeeper get their food? Did they never go into town or village to buy stuffs?

Who recognized him at the masque ball and guessed that he was there for a girl? If Falmouth is so isolated like he montgojery and nobody knew where he was for 5 years, how did the whole ton of London suddenly know to look for him there? And lastly, who gives a masque ball out in the country, days away from London, and gets the whole ton show up for it?

SMH because none of these made any sense to me. The storyline in this one is pretty cute and satisfying average aahlyn, I would say – or it would have been if not for the amazing number of times the wrong word was used. I truly believe the author went through and randomly lor words she’s not all that familiar with from a thesaurus in an attempt to elevate the style of her writing. At one point, the heroine is “able to infer the palpable threat coming off” the hero.

I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out montgomerh that works.

There’s also an “accessing look,” which is more of a spelling error, I suppose. A previous reviewer mentioned the vocabulary problem and other editing problems, but I didn’t realize exactly how frequent these errors would be. If you’re even remotely picky about word usage, you might want to steer clear of this otherwise rather cute story. This story is a little bit like The Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. Of course, in the interest of time and keeping the reader engaged, the story moves along quickly with our Hero beginning to show interest in our beguiling beauty early in the story.


It is not a long book, but it is long enough to develop fondness for the characters while reading. I particularly enjoyed the fact that it doesn’t directly set up a sequel novel or set the expectation of the reader for more novels in the same storyline.

Too many authors feel compelled to write at least three novels using the same characters, locations, and themes. This book does not do that; for this fact alone I am very pleased! I would certainly recommend that you take a chance on this book. It is light reading that leaves you feeling satisfied when you are through. I enjoyed this engaging tale of plucky spinster Danielle Carmichael and reclusive, scarred Earl, Rhys Ashcroft.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The two leads were likeable and olrd love story was rather sweet. Their relationship progressed at a realistic pace and, while Rhys was a bit of a jerk, it was forgivable. As with many romance books, the main conflict between the hero and heroine was based on a big misunderstanding. Thankfully, though, the conflict was resolved quite quickly before I got beasf the tearing-my-hair-out stage. Now call me pendantic but I did notice a few spelling errors and misuse of words and idioms – ‘cuckold’ is used to mean ‘trick’ and the phrase ‘each more troublesome than the next’ struck me as strange.

I was also bumped back to reality whenever Rhys received montggomery of ‘invites’ or wasn’t ‘taking’ visitors. In all, a very nice story about the healing power of love awwww. The author has talent and I hope she keeps on writing. Maybe I was just in the mood for something sweepingly romantic. The first half of this book had potential I was even willing to overlook the extreme lack of judgment the heroin showed in going to a seemingly deserted castle in pord middle of the night because she saw a light.

After that, the writing got inconsistent and mnotgomery storyline almost farcical. The author even uses the word “disorientated” I prefer an intelligently written, wildly romantic story. This just wasn’t it. Get to Know Us. Amazon Web Services Goodreads Shopbop. Enabled Average Customer Review: Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies.