The Centre’s director Richard Garside spoke at an ESRC-funded seminar on ‘ Regulation and criminal justice’. He was responding to a paper by Professor. A selection of Louk Hulsman’s writings published in English · Read more about A selection of Louk Hulsman’s writings published in English. Louk Hulsman, Penal Abolitionism and Surprising Routes. Author(s). Salete Oliveira. Related publication: Penal Abolitionism: Papers from the Penal Law.

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Bernadis Gymnasium, he became active in the resistance to Nazi Germany’s occupation of his country. In Memoriam This page is currently under construction.

He thus facilitated the development of new generations of critical criminological scholarship within Europe and worldwide. It’s been a fun four years at blogspot, but the new site is much shinier. January 1—7 — Rosewood massacre: He continued his important work with worldwide lectures, workshops and seminar engagements that stimulated critical reflections and further developed alternative ideas to the hegemonic belief systems that govern much of the fields of law, criminology, the media hulsmn often strongly impact on public opinion.

Together with Nils Christie and Thomas Mathiesen he is a distinguished representative of the prison abolition movement. Monday, 1 February Louk Hulsman.

Louk Hulsman, Penal Abolitionism and Surprising Routes

After finishing school Hulsman hooked up with a resistance movement. Today is the 13th Anniversary of the ending of the Mclibel case. Harvard Journal of the Legal Left Visitors to Date 51, hits Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Louk was born in Kerkrade in and, after attending boarding school and the St.


Louk Hulsman – Wikipedia

Posted by John Moore at He is perhaps most well known for ‘Critical criminology and the concept of crime’ huslman was first published in and has been widely reproduced since.

Crime and Justice Student Portal. In the Netherlands, Louk is regarded as the founder of liberal drugs policy lluk his influential work and stance contributed significantly to the alteration of the Opium Act in Transform Drug Policy Foundation: Drug Policy Harms Part Four: Local news and home security companies have been trumpeting mark He was, apart from Nils Christie and Thomas Mathiesen, one of the most important penal abolitionists worldwide. In he was convicted of using counterfeit identification papers and imprisoned at the Amersfoort concentration camp.

Louk Hulsman

Thomas Mathiesen born 5 October is a Norwegian sociologist. Boy George, Malcolm McLaren and the dangers of asbestos.

Social Harm Theory -v- Criminology. Addressing the prevention of prison suicides and self-harm – At last, people are recognising that custody by itself fails to reduce offending behaviour.

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Mike was an active contributor to the growing field of cultural criminology for which his unique take on the nexus of youth culture and its criminalisation was a natural fit. Many anarchist organizations believe that the best form of justice arises naturally out of social contracts or restorative justice. Appeal re missing MPS Taser. Project Censored – Media Democracy in Action.

In Memoriam | Common Study Programme in Critical Criminology

The F-Word music blog: He was, apart from Nils Christie and Thomas Mathiesen, one of the most important penal abolitionists worldwide. He graduated as M. While being transferred to Germany he succeeded luok escaping. An old farmer spoke up and said if they stoppe Member feedback about Thomas Mathiesen: In return for his brave activism he was interned in the concentration camp in Amersfoort.

Le systeme penal en question written together with Jacqueline Bernat de Celis, In he was appointed Professor of sociology of law at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo emeritus Drug Policy Harm Part Two: Drug Policy Harm Part Three: